04 June 2018

How Nigerian Army Massacred 150 Pro Biafra Activists & Hurriedly Declared Them Terrorists


– Using Python Dance II As A Cover To Escape Accountability – 
"From our findings following several months of investigation, no fewer than 150 pro Biafra activists and other defenseless members of the public were killed by the Nigerian Army; with 70% of the deaths arising from Afara-Ukwu massacre. In the Afara-Ukwu massacre of 14th September 2017, no fewer than 105 deaths were recorded.
No fewer than 20 deaths were also recorded at Isiala-Ngwa Army Checkpoint, while 25 others occurred in Aba. The Army massacre operation in Afara-Ukwu; which commenced around 3.26pm of 14thSeptember 2017, resulting in the death of not less than 105 citizens, was executed in less than three hours during which no fewer than 70 others were shot and injured. No single soldier lost his life in the operation. Sixty (60) unarmed citizens including survivors of the massacre and other members of the public were also arrested during and after the massacre and arraigned at Umuahia Magistrate Court on “terrorism charges”. They were later reminded at Aba Prison Custody.
As it has become the atrocious practice of the Nigerian Army military since mid 2015, approximately 80% of the bodies of those shot and killed in Afara-Ukwu, Isiala-Ngwa and Aba were taken away and dumped in undisclosed locations till date. For instance, days after the Afara-Ukwu massacre, corpses numbering eight were found inside a bush at a location in Umuahia. The dumped dead bodies later identified as supporters of Biafra Indigenous People and its leader, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu by their survivor-colleagues; had their hands tied behind their back with a meter-length of marine rope; technically suggesting that they were arrested alive and later taken inside the bush where they were executed en masse; possibly after being forced by soldiers to bury their slain colleagues at blue law hours.
The corpses possibly buried under duress by their latter-slain colleagues must have been those picked by soldiers at the scene of the Afara-Ukwu massacre; after which the eight executed citizens were commanded while alive to evacuate them to designated hidden locations inside the bush and in late night hours. The eight executed victims may most likely have been shot dead on the spot so as to cover up and erase traces.
Our long investigation covered forensic or expert interviews and documentations of survivors, field investigation assistants, relatives of the slain and other key witnesses. Some of the verified facts of those interviewed are deposed before various High Courts of Justice in Nigeria as affidavits of facts. Burial posters, photos and video coverage of some of the recovered corpses were carefully studied and analyzed using ICT powered video and photo authentication applications
Some photos of the slain members were also taken from morgues where they were deposited. The army torture video taken at Isiala-Ngwa Army Checkpoint was re-studied and two corpses of those killed at the scene and dumped by the roadside clearly shown in the video were traced and identified. One of them, Ifeanyichukwu (Ifechukwu) Agbayisi was later in the day of 12th September 2017 dumped at King OO Jerry Mortuary, Isiala-Ngwa, from where he was retrieved by his family and later buried in his hometown in Anambra State on 19th October 2017.
As at date, we have identified and investigated 19 names of the Army Abia massacre; out of which bodies of 16 of them have been interred by the families with remaining three being among 120 others taken away by soldiers till date. More names are being compiled and awaited by Intersociety and other concerned rights groups within and outside Nigeria.
Fears of military and other security reprisals including late night raids and arrests have also forced many families of the slain victims to refuse to publicly declare their beloved ones as “missing persons” since 2015. For instance, out of 450 slain pro Biafra activists killed since August 2015; derived from witnesses’ accounts, we have been able to identify at least 100 names. More details including statistics and other public friendly information in connection with Army Python Dance II massacre in Abia will be featured in the second part of this technical report to be released in few coming days
Therefore, it is fact that till date, most Nigerians and members of the int’l community are not aware or bereft of detailed statistics on what actually transpired in Abia State in September 2017 during the so called “Nigerian Army Python Dance II”. It is an incontrovertible fact that the massacre operation was deceptively launched in the Southeast but it was solely targeted at Abia State on account of nonviolent activities of some leading pro Biafra movements including Biafra Indigenous People and its leader, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu.
By the findings of this organization resulting from detailed investigation; the Nigerian Army’s “Operation Python Dance 11” was a huge cover up and a disguised excuse to unleash State violence on defenseless People of Southeast and extend the present central Government’s hate policy against the Igbo Race using physical violence.
Appeared to be a presidential death warrant against the target population or kill the pigs operation; the Nigerian Army hurriedly disguised it as army python dance 11as a cover or to mechanically legitimize it. Analytically speaking, it was most likely the intelligence sent to the Defense Headquarters on shocking casualty figures arising from the Afaraukwu massacre or at Nnamdi Kanu’s home that forced the Defense Headquarters to hurriedly declare retroactively and unconstitutionally the victims and their group as a “terror group designate” on 15thSeptember 2017; culminating into formal declaration of same as terror group two days later by President Muhammadu Buhari. It is most likely correct that Mr. President was fully briefed on “accomplishment of the mission sent” as the C-in-C; leading to his blue law day proclamation.

02 May 2018

President Trump meets Buhari, Fulani President of Nigeria at the White House #RecognizeBiafra

Blog by Naomi Litvin
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The President of  #USA met the Fulani President on the White House lawn on April 30, 2018. I am referring to President Donald Trump and Fulani President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari. As much as I wanted President Trump to say the word 'Biafra,' he did not. Instead he said, "Christians must not be killed in Nigeria."
Biafrans are a patient and intelligent group of people. They understand diplomacy and are grateful that Christians were mentioned. Trump wants great trade deals and yes, on the surface, Nigeria looks like a good customer for America's farm products because of the cows of the Fulani Herdsmen, whose designation as the 4th most deadly terrorist group in the world, refuse to keep their cattle on ranches, and prefer to decimate farm land, killing and raping the families on farms, leaving horror in their wake. Therefore, there is not enough home grown food for the people in the country of Nigeria, which is described in a gross inaccuracy as a Democracy.  Their ethnic cleansing clears the way for increased Islamization of Nigeria, their modus operandi since the 16th century. Instead of proscribing Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria as terrorist, Buhari has designated #IPOB, the non-violent, unarmed Indigenous People of Biafra as terrorist. 

"Militants “descend on the villages in the night or in the day and carry out cruel attacks against innocent people, including women and children,” according to an assessment of Nigeria by Open Doors, a charity that provides aid to Christians who live under pressure because of their faith. “There are moves by the governments of Benue, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Taraba States to establish and reserve grazing fields for Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen. This means that swathes of land from indigenous Christian communities are taken away for that purpose, depriving Christians of their farming fields and livelihood.” " via World Wide Watch Monitor.
Said Arne Mulders, Open Doors’ West Africa research expert:
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NNAMDI KANU on right looking at Torah

“These herders have historically played a role in jihad, and they have grown increasingly radical in recent times due to the influx of radical Islamist preaching by missionaries from Saudi Arabia and Iran. The radicalization in the Fulani has also kept pace with the Boko Haram radicalization. The Fulanis’ actions are also shaped by concept of Darul Islam, where everything belongs to Allah directly and to his followers indirectly–including the land where they want to let their cattle craze. They believe it is right for them to take those resources by force from infidels and apostates.” 
Image result for biafra tribesEveryone knows the Christians in Nigeria are Biafrans. But do they? What about the Jewish Biafrans? Perhaps that is too much to ask, that anyone, even President Trump can comprehend the diversity of Biafrans. There are 25 tribes in Biafra with their own provinces. I've been onboard advocating for Biafra for over two years, learning new facts about Biafra, each new day,  Nnamdi Kanu, the missing leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu is a Jew.

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"Open your eyes and hearts to the rhythm of #TelAviv… the city that makes even the sunshine dance"