Sunday, October 16, 2016

The terrifying rise of Nazis on Twitter

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We all know that Nazi parties exist worldwide. We see reports of far-right Nazi parties rising in Europe in reaction to Muslim immigration. Actually these parties are not new; they sheltered left-over Nazis from World War II. Now they've become so popular in some countries that more than one party, as in Austria, compete for Nazi members and merge for maximum efficacy. I counted sixty-five Nazi parties worldwide on a Wikipedia article that included the American Nazi Party.

But my point today is that Twitter has become a huge platform for Nazi activity and many of them partly hide their purpose by tweeting other news as they slip in hatred of Jews and other minorities. Twitter, by allowing their existence, is enabling them.
"On Twitter, ISIS’s preferred social platform, American white nationalist movements have seen their followers grow by more than 600% since 2012..."
Occasionally a Nazi will overtly tweet to me, like this, as they operate with impunity on Twitter.

And I've reported to Twitter with no relief. Will I continue to report Nazis to Twitter? No, why bother. 

Nazis on Twitter use US Presidential candidate Donald Trump hashtags as a smokescreen to garner retweets and those quick to RT without reading who created the original tweet, give support to Nazi groups. The other day I noticed that a friend had retweeted something that I looked at further. I found that the original tweeter's account had a lot of times tweeted about Jews owning the media and other blood libel against my people. Those who had RTd the Nazi were perfectly upstanding Twitter members. We are all guilty of having a quick finger to retweet and all is forgiven if you go back and delete what inadvertently happened. No biggie.
Interestingly no one involved but me realized they had linked to a Nazi. But @whittmann1948 who wrote the originating tweet IS a Nazi. In a fascinating development a long-time Twitter friend @_matilda_ then tweeted evidence that @whittman1948 is indeed a Nazi.
At first I didn't understand what Matilda meant. Then it began to become clear. The Nazis have a coded, secret language to get around laws in Germany that prohibit the use of the swastika and support for Nazi ideology (At the end of this blog the entire language code in English is provided, which Matilda has furnished to me.) Then this:
I asked Matilda to contribute a statement to this article and she kindly did.
"My Statement is that I'm really unhappy and disappointed or even angry about the situation in Germany, Europe and America. In the last 20-30 yrs, Nazi-groups and extreme-right-wing-parties are on the rise and it seems nothing and nobody can stop them. My opinion is that the German Government is not innocent in that case. They are not willing or able to close down the original Nazi-Party NSDAP, the name changed later to National Democratic Party of Germany so they sound more 'democratic.' Since decades, different kinds of Anti-fascist-Organisations (The Wiesenthal Foundation is one of them, and diverse other groups which are against Nazis and Neo-Nazis), are trying to get the German Government to forbid the main and mother-party NPD, because since the early 90's many splinter-groups and second, third parties were funded with original members of the old NPD Party. The German Government organized diverse actions against those groups, like underground and civil police and the German secret service BND and BfV (der Bundesamtes für Verfassungsschutz) but sadly the results were unsuccessful. I'm talking mostly about Germany because for many years there were meetings in Germany organized by the NPD for David Irving and his American friends including David Duke. After they did get banned from Germany, later Austria, and a few more European Countries. So they did meet up in other countries like South Africa before David Irving got banned and in America many times. And those meetings are well visited by young people - the future Nazis in the making, it's an endless chain. It seems they will never die out."
I am grateful to Matilda for her contribution to this article and for pointing out that Germany is not innocent in this matter, not doing enough to police these groups.

After my mother was liberated from Nazi captivity, and because she was a Jewish survivor who spoke seven languages, she had the opportunity to became a denazifier, an interrogator working for UNRA. Unfortunately many got through the process and lived to fight another Nazi era, thanks to the USA government and cunning Nazis able to slip through. My mother did her best but as smart as she was, there were limits as to what she was up against.
Edith Festinger, UNRA Interrogator for DeNazify Project
UNRA Headquarters, Munich 1945-1946

Nazi Icons and signs

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Biafra releases 20 MOST WANTED NIGERIAN WAR CRIMINALS LIST + more updates

Naomi Litvin
Hunting War Criminals
In response to the Islamic government of Nigeria posting a most wanted list of Biafrans that includes Mrs. Nnamdi Kanu, Indigenous Leader of Biafra's wife, I have posted the twenty most wanted war criminals on Biafra's list. These ruthless, dangerous men remind us of The Top 10 Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals. The Nigerian War Criminals have much blood on their hands as reported by U.S. Congressman Tom Marino in a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry recently visited with Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari and more chaos against the people of Biafra Land has been unleashed since then, bringing impending civil war closer. Follow me on twitter @nlitvin for all the latest, including the most recent death threats against Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje Prison in Abuja, Nigeria on September 5 which caused chaos for about twelve hours online.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Biafra Biafra Biafra: Beats of impending war

August 25, 2016: It was my late parent’s wedding anniversary and I found myself on an airplane headed to a family reunion in California. Checking twitter from the airport I saw a tweet from a prominent Biafran to me. It stated, “You are one of us.” In that moment, while missing my parents, and headed to seek comfort in a family reunion, the realization that family can appear at any time without blood relation, comforted me. There is a bond between Biafra and Israel that cannot be denied, which connects me to them. And I believe that because Biafra supports and love Israel, they are being denied the help that they need from world powers.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Beneath A Stormy Cloud: Moving on Without Her ~ Featuring The Edith Litvin Collection


I was liberated April 13, 1945. But was I really?
Those who perished are sound asleep. We that survived are condemned to live. 
To have my poems published is a dream worth living for. Only then will I rest my soul. Only then I’ll know why I of all have survived. 
Please G-d; remember me as you have forgotten my family. Grant me this wish that I may build a tower in Heaven for the martyrs. Please!
April 13, 1979
As I raced toward the edge of the world in a runaway train
You plucked me from empty caverns of unspace
And then I was born

Eighteen months after my dear mother left this physical world I struggle with a multitude of brimming boxes of her journals, poems, original music, drawings, photographs, cassette tapes, movie reviews, and other miscellanea.
She was prolific, that is for sure. She sought to be recognized for her talent. I wonder if these physical goods are symbolic of my emotional struggle. I can’t seem to move on with my life. Or I should say that all of my valiant attempts to move on seem to pale next to the huge emotional cloud bogging me down. I feel as though I am in quicksand, if I move forward just a bit, I will be sucked into an abyss of wet concrete.
I know this is craziness; she wanted me to have a good life and be happy. I feel comfort but also the duality of desperation as I still live in our house, sleep in her bed, and wear her t-shirts and wonder what I am without her.
I can smell her perfume, the Nina Ricci she loved so much. And her Jean Nate bath powder. Those two items were as important to her as food.
She is gone. But is she? If I publish her work, read her lines, see her pictures, and hear her voice I am able to go on living without her. This is as important to me as food.
That is what this book is about. Her, always her. And me, moving on without her, but keeping her close, too. This book fulfills a promise I made to her. There is a post-it note on a picture in my room that I look at each night before I turn off the light and each morning as I get up. It says:
“My Love My darling Naomi…
 Good luck with the book. The second one I mean.
Forever Yours, Editke”
I can’t let go until I do this. And so I present to the world my favorites of her poems and family photos. As I set her words into motion once again, it is unbearable for me to think of her as bones in a grave. So I must set her free, in that way that her freedom meant so very much to her, with pen and paper.
After each of her poems I will write something. What it means to me, what it might mean to anyone that may read it. And what it meant to her? That will remain a mystery and something for you, the reader, to speculate.

Naomi Litvin