Protesters call for attacking Tel Aviv

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The Masada Faktor

Set in modern day Israel, 2014, before and during the Gaza War, Natasha Bernard has immigrated to the Holy Land. Natasha is in search of answers to a mystery revealed to her by her mother, on her death bed, which involves the survival of Israel. Seventy years after the end of World War II a plot is set to destroy the Jews to mimic the disaster of Masada. The Masada Faktor was conceived by Hitler in his last days. While in Israel, the Gaza War breaks out, complicating Natasha’s new life.

#i24NEWS #Hezbollah #Lebanon Israel and Hezbollah Exchange Fire on Border — What's Next?

#i24NEWS #Hezbollah #Lebanon

Israel and Hezbollah Exchange Fire on Border — What's Next?


Israeli Defense Forces : The weekend that could have turned out differently if it hadn’t been for one bold move:

Breaking News: Killer drone attacks on Israel by Iran thwarted by Israel Defense Forces

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Two separate attempts by Iran for inflicting mass destruction on Israel's population and tourists were thwarted in just the last two days by Israel Defense Forces in both Lebanon and Syria. 

Who killed the love of a Jew for a second Jew? This is for all the 'Jewish' anti-Jewish organizations!

Naomi Litvin 2019
Who killed the love of a Jew for a second Jew? This blog is for the "Jewish" anti-Jewish organizations out there stumping for every cause except for the Jewish cause. I am not going to name them here. I don't want to give them publicity. Anyone on social media knows who they are and what they stand for. 
They want to destroy Zionism and Israel as a Jewish state. 

Many of the people in these so-called "Jewish" anti-Jewish organizations were raised in mixed-religion marriage families and have admittedly been torn between Christian religions and Judaism, raised in Left of Liberal households and attend/ed American universities where anti-Israel Boycott and Divestment campaigns abound. 
Recently someone asked me: What is a self-hating Jew 
It was on Twitter, so I answered simplistically. 
Now, I've found this 1971 video of Rabbi Meir Kahane that answers the Self-Hating Jew question with more pizzazz. He speaks of the 'old Jew' vs the 'new Jew.' I know that many people deride Rabbi Kahane for their perception of The Jewish Defense League, his organization, and what it stood for. But remember that Meir Kahane was the first victim of al Qaeda in America.

On the night of November 5, 1990, just after Rabbi Kahane finished a speech at the Marriott East Side Hotel in New York City he was gunned down by El Sayyid Nosair. Osama bin Laden paid for Nosair's defense and later mentioned Nosair in his infamous videos. This was Osama bin Laden's first kill in America!  
Nosair, (l.), claims to have renounced terrorism. Kahane, (r.), still has a following in Israel.
          Nosair                            Rabbi Meir Kahane
    "The 1990 Kahane murder was clearly the first strike in the United States by the Sunni jihadist terror network that eventually evolved into global Al Qaeda," said Andrew McCarthy, the former federal prosecutor who went on to try Nosair and others on terrorism charges and wrote the book "Willful Blindness, Memoir of the Jihad," about the cases and the connection to a much larger conspiracy.

"What will the non-Jew think of us? Why do Jews take up every cause except saving Jews? Love cannot exist without respect. And respect cannot exist without self-respect. If I am hit, did I deserve it?... the new Jew, born of fear and insecurity...the American Jew...The Jew must do what must be done...One does not achieve great goals without sacrifice and those who cannot sacrifice should at least have the decency to be quiet when those that do, make that sacrifice....Be a Maccabee... "  
Rabbi Meir Kahane 1971
Please take the time to watch the entire video below.

We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story

IfNotNow Proves Its Anti-Israel Bona Fides

Yoni MichanieWith permission from Yoni Michanie, a campus adviser and strategic planner for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA). He is a former IDF sergeant, and a speaker, writer, and pro-Israel activist. He holds an MA in Diplomacy from IDC Herzliya. Follow Yoni on twitter: @jmich019

  IfNotNow Proves Its Anti-Israel Bona Fides

 by Jonathan Michanie


Members of IfNotNow stage a protest outside Birthright Israel’s offices in New York City. Photo: IfNotNow/Twitter.
Amid the recent eviction of a Palestinian family from the neighborhood of Silwan, East Jerusalem, the radical left-wing organization IfNotNow pleaded with their community through Twitter to “…stand against the Judaization of East Jerusalem.” 
Ignoring the particular history and presence of the Jewish people in that region, IfNotNow subconsciously invoked a term used by some of the vilest antisemitic figures and texts in modern history. 
For example, one may easily find the following quotes while skimming through Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf:
The Judaization of our spiritual life and mammonization of our mating  impulse sooner or later befouls our entire new generation, for instead of vigorous children of natural feeling, only the miserable specimens of financial expedience come forth.A few pages later:How far in this the inner Judaization of our people has progressed can be seen from the low respect, not to disdain, which is awarded the craftsman’s work in itself.That’s right. The same organization that has invited a type of comparison between the Holocaust and the current crisis at the US-Mexico border, is using the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler.

Naomi Litvin interview on Radio Biafra Middle East from Tel Aviv

Naomi Litvin on Radio Biafra from Tel Aviv, Israel

I was interviewed in Tel Aviv by Iyke Obed Onuorah on Radio Biafra Middle East in the Tel Aviv, Israel studio of Radio Biafra which I am proud to share below.
We discuss Biafra, Children of Holocaust survivors, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and David from Biafra.

Naomi Litvin

Iyke Obed Onuorah
Beneath A Stormy Cloud: Moving On Without Her
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We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story
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