It's coming to your country soon! THE GREEN PASSPORT

The Vax Passports are no surprise! We face the loss of more of our freedoms and what exactly will they take away for non-compliance? I am fully vaccinated now but each person has to make this decision for themselves (and their families). I got sick with both 1st and 2nd dose (much worse) of Pfizer. I don't trust the vaccines but I figured I still have places to go before I depart this world.

Meanwhile, Israel has gone forward with their plan for Covid-19 Green Passports. Needless to say, some Israeli's are angry. If we can't control what they are forcing into our bodies, what control do we have over anything? The following was culled from a Jerusalem Post article. Click on the link below to read the entire article which is one big mixed     message:

Whoever chooses not to be vaccinated has his right,” Israel's Health Minister Edelstein said. “There will also be no personal sanctions against someone who is not vaccinated. It should be understood that getting vaccinated is a great privilege that has been given to us, something that many countries in the world have not attained.