Was Trump's account really worth a $5 billion loss to Twitter?

Stunning events from 2020 continue to reverberate throughout the world. I am grabbing this timeslot, as many others may be doing, to process those events and find a way to go forward. But alas, what is now in control of the United States of America has shaken me to the core.

I have left Twitter, due to their censorship, blacklisting, scapegoating, and ousting of those they disagree with. Was Trump's account really worth a $5 billion loss to Twitter?

Twitter allows despots, anti-Semitic criminals, and purveyors of porn free reign while fraudsters interfere with elections by illegal and dastardly means. Certainly all the elements of a conspiracy have been met for what that scum and their cohorts have done and continue to do, in their frenzy of revenge and hatred.

The weaponization of intelligence (fake news), the growing threat of cancel culture and censorship is explained in this morning's **Maria Bartiromo's Sunday Morning Futures Show with Devin Nunes and Kash Patel. Also in this program, Maria takes up the new executive orders' impact that have immediately destroyed 11,000 jobs and a good deal with Canada, and increased the danger of transporting oil and gas by railway by canceling the Keystone Pipeline; threatened our homeland security with illegal immigration and contagion by stopping the border wall; and caused fear in the Middle East by reinstating Obama policies. All of this is due to the success of the stolen election

As Stephen Miller explains, "...President Biden has missed an historic opportunity to make good on his pledge to be a president for all Americans and say the censorship must stop, the blacklisting must stop, we have to listen to and respect all viewpoints in America. But he has not done that. He has turned a blind eye to it. And when you see people being denied book deals, being denied contracts...being banned on Twitter and Facebook and other platforms, what you are seeing is a fundamental erosion of the concept of liberty and freedom in America..."

**NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE IN ANOTHER MOVE TO CENSOR THE TRUTH** here is another link, I don't know how long it will be available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlKObBLbw7A
Fox host Maria Bartiromo complained about left's 'censorship obsession' on air, and said she's lost over 100k Twitter followers
Fox News host Maria Bartiromo said she'd lost more than 100,000 followers in the last couple of months.Roy Rochlin/Getty Images
  • Fox News host Maria Bartiromo had Sen. Josh Hawley on her show and the the two talked openly about reportedly being censored.
  • "They put Parler out of business, and on top of all the bans, banning President Trump, you still have the Ayatollah Khomeini there on Twitter," Bartiromo said in shock.
  • On January 24, Hawley wrote an op-ed about being "muzzled" in the New York Post, the US' fourth-largest newspaper.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo and Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley discussed the "censorship obsession," and Bartiromo complained about losing more than 100,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday night's edition of "Fox News Primetime."

"Yeah, I had-right around the election-one million followers on Twitter," Bartiromo told Hawley. "Now I have under 900,000. Literally in a couple of weeks. I don't know what's going on there!"

Hawley, whose Simon & Schuster book deal was recently cancelled, said he wouldn't be shut down "by the corporate mob, by the woke mob."