Opinion: We are missing an opportunity to ameliorate a burning issue. Let's have a sit-down with #IlanOmar

Naomi Litvin
We are missing an opportunity to ameliorate the burning issue of U.S. Representative Ilan Omar's anti-semitic behavior. The outcry on social and mainstream media are doing nothing to help and fueling the firestorm. I agree that Omar should not be on the Foreign Relations Committee. There needs to be a new committee, one for Race and Religious Prejudice. We can put her on it. Let's have a sit-down with Ilan Omar, close the door and actually have civil discourse. Is that possible? It is time to bring the Peace Process to America. These highly emotional diversions against Israel, coupled with Omar's purported association with radical Muslim groups do nothing to help. The current firestorm of violence and hatred aimed at Jews worldwide, yellow journalism, and BDS continue to fuel the fire. The rhetoric of two new House of Representative members, who are the first Muslim members elected to Congress, bring an even more divided America. Let us work on our relationships within the United States of America for a while, and let Israel continue to handle its own business.