Iron Dome deployed in Tel Aviv Area after Syrian UN envoy threaten strike on Ben Gurion Airport

Naomi Litvin
reporting from Tel Aviv:
I woke up this morning to the news that Israel's Iron Dome missile defence apparatus was deployed to the Tel Aviv area  after the Syrian UN envoy threatened

Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport.
Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches this week on January 27, 2019. We continue to face threats to our existence as a Jewish nation. We scrutinize and experience world wide anti-Semitic attacks and danger from France to USA and all over the globe which the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum calls The Longest Hatred. 

Institute for National Security Studies: Israel could face three-front war in 2019

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Photo by Naomi Litvin ©
Article by Itamar Eicher, Diplomatic correspondent for Yedioth Ahronot Newspaper  from Ynet News

"Institute for National Security Studies says the volatile situation along the northern border as well as in the Gaza Strip could lead Israel to war against Iran, Hezbollah and the Palestinians at the same time. 

Israel could face military conflicts on three different fronts—Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip—at the same time in 2019, according to an annual assessment of security challenges done by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), a national security think-tank.  

"The main three fronts are: Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, and they are very volatile. Despite the continued mutual deterrence between the sides, there is a potential for a military escalation, which could eventually lead to an all-out three-front war … Israel is ought to be prepared for this scenario,” said the assessment, which was submitted to President Reuven Rivlin last week."

Prime Minister Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi (Photo: Reuters)
Prime Minister Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Kochavi (Photo: Reuters)

Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, speaks on Radio Biafra from Israel and answers my question - January 12, 2019

I submitted a question on Facebook during the interactive broadcast by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Saturday night. Imagine my surprise as  he took my question! Here it is plus the broadcast below in full. 

Naomi: What is the best way for Biafrans to avoid being brutalized by the Zoo military as they go about during their everyday movements in the Zoo?                            

Nnamdi Kanu: "The way we go about it, how we avoid it is by making sure that we don't confront them in any way, shape or form; to understand that there are a lot of traitors. You know that during the war that lasted for three years 1967-70 and during the years of occupation to about 1975-76 that a lot of Fulani soldiers fathered some people in our land, that is the truth. The Fulani soldiers that came, raped some women or some women perhaps due to the need to feed their family found themselves in very compromising positions with some of these Fulani soldiers and they fell pregnant and they gave birth to children. Some of them has our names. And you know that deep down they have Fulani blood cursing through their veins. 

Image result for nnamdi kanu
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
So, we have those people and they will continue to do whatever they can to undermine our efforts. They can be in ...Lagos or Kano or Madhugri with a Biafran name. But you don't know you are dealing with a dishonest person, just like Rochas Okorocha is today. 

So what we need to do is be very careful - make sure that we avoid where they are, make sure that we conduct our conversations, especially for our officers on social media by which I mean, like Telegram or Whatsapp; avoid making use of the number you are using as your Whatsapp line, little things like that can make a lot of difference. We must be very conscious ... "

"That was from Naomi, one of our very staunch supporters who is a citizen of Israel. Thank you very much. Thank you very, very much."

Leader of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu's 2019 New Year Address: "Let The People Decide"

I am deeply moved by @MaziNnamdiKanu's New Year Address as he builds #Biafra from #Israel. 
As great as Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream'  #BiafraReferendum2019 #IPOB

I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr

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Lebanese Voices Call for Hezbollah to Renounce Ties with Iran or Leave

via The Trumpet 
As Iran garners more power in Lebanon, it is also becoming more accountable to the Lebanese. 
   November 22 should have been a day of celebration in Lebanon. That date marked the 75th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence from France. But no one was celebrating an independent and sovereign state.
This year, it is more apparent than ever that Lebanon is no longer independent. It is dependent on Iran. 
Iran has achieved this control through funding and controlling Hezbollah, a Shiite group that dominates southern Lebanon. 
While we in the West understand Hezbollah is a terrorist group, in Lebanon, Hezbollah is an official political party that won the most seats in the Lebanese Parliament in an election earlier this year. 
Nevertheless, most Lebanese are furious about how Hezbollah serves the interests of Iran rather than the interests of Lebanon. 
Lebanon is the most religiously diverse nation in the Middle East. Lebanese Shiites, whose main political representation is Hezbollah, account for only a quarter of the population. But not all of them support Hezbollah, politically or otherwise. 
Most observers write off Lebanon as being nothing more than an Iranian vassal. But there are actually many indications that Lebanon is about ready to throw off Iran’s powerful hold. 
Hezbollah Holding Lebanon for Ransom 
Even though elections were held eight months ago, Lebanon is still without a functioning government. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be a huge issue. However, Lebanon is facing extreme financial pressure. According to Lebanon’s president, unemployment is just under 50 percent. Public debt sits at 150 percent of gross domestic product, making Lebanon one of the most indebted nations on Earth. Add to this the fact that one quarter of those living in Lebanon are actually refugees from Syria, and you have a desperate need for cash.