Two people have claimed to me that Nnamdi Kanu is alive! #WhereIsNnamdiKanu

I've been sitting on this information for a while. Two people have claimed to me that Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu is alive. The first person that told me Nnamdi Kanu is alive said it to me on the telephone the day after the horrifying attack on the Kanu Palace in Umuahia on September 14, 2017. I did not disclose to anyone what she said, as at the time I wasn't sure of her veracity. Initially I believed she worked with IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra). Later it was revealed that she is part of a dangerous, violent vigilante group that's working contrary to the non-violent doctrine of IPOB. What Michele Fishman said to me was this: Nnamdi Kanu is alive: He escaped through Cameroon with the help of people from that country who are sympathetic to Biafra's cause. She may deny this and say I am a liar, she may say that I am an agent of Nigeria, but believe me, she is up to no good.
נעמ' ל'סב'ן
Naomi Litvin

After some time and events (look at her Latest Updates here) I was prompted to report her to the FBI, and her claims on twitter of mass murder and arson as spokesperson of the group. Later, after a second person, who was new to me contacted me on Facebook, I have decided to divulge these two incredible statements.

I don't believe either of these people, yet I think their audacious statements are troubling and opportunistic. So please, take all of this under consideration and know that it is hearsay, anecdotal, or just plain lies.

Michele Fishman, left, 
screenshot from tweet: 

The other person came to me via Messenger on Facebook. He was new to me, proposing a dialogue between us. This person does not seem dangerous as Ms. Fishman does, yet his proclamation that he is a leader in the struggle has me wondering who he is. I've been involved with Biafra's Self-Determination struggle for two years; I'd not heard of him before this.

In the days ahead, you and I shall have a serious discussion concerning how to rejuvenate this struggle
I wish to take it to heights never imagined with a view to facilitating the referendum and restoration
But I do know serious international alliances are needed to contain the vicious Nigerian Army
And I know Israel and the US will be better allies than any other country
We shall discuss the modalities and possible gains
Russel Bluejack
Its important to find Nnamdi Kanu and parents. that is the only issue for me right now
Russell Bluejack
He is alive, but we must continue to act as if he is dead
The reason is simple: if they find him, they will kill him
Russell Bluejack
They want him dead by every means possible
how do you know? that he is alive?
Russell Bluejack
He cannot leave this country
Because I am a leader in the struggle
And please this has to be our secret
He will be out soon
oh? another person told me he was alive & she is with a vigilante group. she fooled me for a long time. so if you are telling me a story, it wouldn't be very nice
Russell Bluejack
It is the truth
He is alive
He was removed by the militants in the coast where I come from before the invasion
But we want to keep him safe by claiming they killed him
Our leader is alive, but he is not free
The Hausa/Fulani cabal want him dead by all means

12/24/2017 12:57AM


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