"Dear President Donald J. Trump from an ex-US army captain and an Igbo on behalf of my people" by Ij Onuigbo


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Biafra separatists arrested after holding Donald Trump rally
Ij Onuigbo, an ex-US army captain and an Igbo, writes an open letter to President Trump. 

Dear President Donald J. Trump,
Greetings to you Sir. My name is Ij Onuigbo. I am using this opportunity and platform to write to you on behalf of my people, the indigenous people of Biafra who were amalgamated with Nigeria by the British. We need your attention. The situation is that the British made arrangements that made the Biafran people subservient to the Hausa Fulani tribe and the Hausa Fulani people have since then held the Biafrans at ransom and gravely marginalized starting from the killing of over two million Biafrans in the 1967 civil war in their quest to deny Biafrans freedom from Nigeria. And they have succeeded in enslaving Biafrans ever since. They massacre, maim and butcher Biafrans at will on a regular bases. As a matter of fact President Trump, the Hausa Fulani Army controlled by Muhammadu Buhari killed many Biafrans in cold blood when they came out in celebration of the election of President Trump. The reason they have killed, oppressed and continued to kill and oppress Biafrans even till today is the fact that most natural resources deposit in Nigeria if not all are within the Biafran region. The worst part of this injustice is the conspiracy with the British colonial masters to also ensure that in spite of Biafra land wealth deposit of natural resources, Biafrans are left out in federal government economic development plans. The very land and civilization where the oil that feed Nigeria comes from is massively depleted, degraded, the waters poisoned by chemical waste produced by British and other western countries oil companies.
The Ogoni people of Biafra who live on the land are gravely impoverished. These foreign oil companies along with their partners in crime, Muhammadu Buhari and the rest of the Hausa Fulani cabal, milk the land dry, leave the people and the environment dried up, hungry, sick and depleted, and on top of it all, kill any group or person that challenges what's happening. Our sea ports and airports in Biafra region has been closed out and inoperable for decades forcing Biafrans to make use of the infrastructures in the Northern and Western regions of Nigeria and thereby spending their hard earned resources from personal sweat building up the North and Western regions with real estate and financial markets leaving our own Biafra region desolate and economically underdeveloped. President Trump, Sir, Biafrans are probably the most industrious people in black Africa. The freedom of Biafra from corruption ridden Nigeria will be a turning point for Africa to becoming a first world continent and the beginning of the end to world aide for Africa. Biafra is the hope for Africa. Nigeria experiment by the British has long failed and the only viable way forward is to salvage what can build upon by dividing Nigeria so the regions can regain their original autonomy. Help us gain our freedom from Nigeria. We as a new nation will be the partner that United States can count on. We do not need aide, we need freedom to be all that we can be. We have advocates that will give you more information. Your help will not be for free. We have all manner of resources that the United States will benefit from as we form new government and management for our new nation. We want to negotiate. Thank you Sir for your attention to our cause. Yours Truly, Ij Onuigbo Cc: The White House, Biafra Live