BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian Concentration Camp: Torture Video of Indigenous People of Biafra

I was just having a regular afternoon when I received an email from a member of IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra who was having some problem uploading a torture video of a Nigerian Concentration Camp on twitter. I was trying to help him with his settings, as it appeared that he was being censored. A 45 second clip was seen on twitter but it was nothing like the entire video, which is below. Shock and horror are understated nouns to describe what you will see here. It looks like the IPOB members are being forced to swim in filthy shallow water in a drainage ditch and then cram themselves into a pipe full of other IPOB members. The guard wears an Adidas jacket and as he whips the boys, he screams "Move Move Move Move" in English and some other language to them in the water. There is a long line of others waiting to enter the ditch and he yells "Hunch Hunch" as they do a frog jump. Then you see some guys hanging from their feet from the trunk of a tree while the guard laughs. If anyone knows where this camp is located and recognizes the prisoners clothing, please contact me by email at

Nigerian Concentration Camp