Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" And if a letter goes to AJC unanswered?

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Jack Rosen, Chairman, AJC
I wrote a heartfelt letter to Jack Rosen, Chairman of the American Jewish Congress in New York City. My expectation as to his response was low, as I had already blogged about what I wanted from him and then tweeted to him several times with no response. I did think however that since he had reciprocated my following him on Twitter  (albeit with no dialogue) that I might at least get a polite acknowledgment for my emotional missive regarding my Biafran friends and their plight for self-determination. There was a time when the American Jewish Committee cared about Biafra. I don't think I asked too much of Jack Rosen but you can judge for yourself by reading my letter to him. A month has gone by and he has not responded so I've decided to make this an "open letter." (Prior to writing to Jack, I did receive a nice response from Eliseo Neuman, director of AJC's Africa Institute.) 

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Dear Jack,
Forgive me if using your first name is presumptuous but since we have some things in common, I hope it is o.k. After reading your bio online, I saw that both you and I were born in the same year to Auschwitz survivors. Luckily, my mother fell in love with an American Jewish GI and he brought her to America as one of the first World War II war brides. 

I am writing to explain that I am an advocate for the Biafran people, many of whom have proven to have Jewish DNA and have chosen to be Jewish. The majority of the population are Christian, as they were converted by the British but all Biafrans are supporters of Israel and are suffering under an Islamic president at this time. That brings me to my purpose of writing to you. 

Beginning in 1968, when you and I were in high school (I grew up in Michigan; you in New York) the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) experienced a genocide of over 3.5 million of their people. A year ago, as a child of the holocaust, their current plight got my attention again. 

What do I want from the AJC? I am requesting that you reopen the AJC report of 1968 on Biafra to draw attention to this issue of international concern. I am copying the email I sent to Eliseo Neuman, after which he sent back a courteous, professional, and prompt reply saying that it is not within the current scope of AJC. Please scroll down to the end of my email to see my email to Eliseo and his reply to me.

Thank you Jack for any consideration for this humanitarian issue. We cannot turn our backs on our Biafran friends. They are a proud people, full of integrity and intelligence. I truly believe that when their country is formed, and it will be, there will not be a better ally of Israel. 

Sincere best wishes,
Naomi Litvin 

AJC Africa

Dear Mr. Neuman,
I am writing to ask if you have any involvement in Nigeria? Specifically I am advocating for the Biafran people who seek self-determination by splitting off from Nigeria. In 1968-1970 they suffered the loss of over three million people in the civil war, which was the last time they attempted to gain freedom.

Now with a Hausa Islamic president (M. Buhari) and judges threatening Sharia Law in the court system, the mostly Christian Biafra people are getting close to the edge. Their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, creator of Radio Biafra is a dual citizen of UK and Nigeria who has been illegally held in Kuje Prison along with others of his group since October of 2015. The charges are false and have not been proven by the federal government of Nigeria.

What I would like to ask of the American Jewish Committee *(Correction: Congress) is that they reopen their investigative report that was published in 1968. At that time if the world had listened, millions of lives might have been saved. Here is a blog that I published that refers to the AJC report. Calling on American Jewish Congress to update Report on status of Biafra. < (click)

An interesting note is that Biafra supports the State of Israel and many claim Hebrew roots and live by our same values. The killing of Christians and those Jews in Biafra is well documented and continues daily. There is a huge diaspora of Biafrans worldwide. 

Much more information is available on the website of IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Please, on behalf of seventy million friends of Israel consider how you can help.

The photo below is Nnamdi Kanu at a court appearance wearing kippot, magen david, and tallit!
I await your response and any helpful referrals. 
Thank you!
Sincere best regards,
Naomi Litvin   
@nlitvin on twitter