"Dear President Donald J. Trump from an ex-US army captain and an Igbo on behalf of my people" by Ij Onuigbo


Donald Trump Biafra t shirt
Biafra separatists arrested after holding Donald Trump rally
Ij Onuigbo, an ex-US army captain and an Igbo, writes an open letter to President Trump. 

Dear President Donald J. Trump,
Greetings to you Sir. My name is Ij Onuigbo. I am using this opportunity and platform to write to you on behalf of my people, the indigenous people of Biafra who were amalgamated with Nigeria by the British. We need your attention. The situation is that the British made arrangements that made the Biafran people subservient to the Hausa Fulani tribe and the Hausa Fulani people have since then held the Biafrans at ransom and gravely marginalized starting from the killing of over two million Biafrans in the 1967 civil war in their quest to deny Biafrans freedom from Nigeria. And they have succeeded in enslaving Biafrans ever since. They massacre, maim and butcher Biafrans at will on a regular bases. As a matter of fact President Trump, the Hausa Fulani Army controlled by Muhammadu Buhari killed many Biafrans in cold blood when they came out in celebration of the election of President Trump. The reason they have killed, oppressed and continued to kill and oppress Biafrans even till today is the fact that most natural resources deposit in Nigeria if not all are within the Biafran region. The worst part of this injustice is the conspiracy with the British colonial masters to also ensure that in spite of Biafra land wealth deposit of natural resources, Biafrans are left out in federal government economic development plans. The very land and civilization where the oil that feed Nigeria comes from is massively depleted, degraded, the waters poisoned by chemical waste produced by British and other western countries oil companies.
The Ogoni people of Biafra who live on the land are gravely impoverished. These foreign oil companies along with their partners in crime, Muhammadu Buhari and the rest of the Hausa Fulani cabal, milk the land dry, leave the people and the environment dried up, hungry, sick and depleted, and on top of it all, kill any group or person that challenges what's happening. Our sea ports and airports in Biafra region has been closed out and inoperable for decades forcing Biafrans to make use of the infrastructures in the Northern and Western regions of Nigeria and thereby spending their hard earned resources from personal sweat building up the North and Western regions with real estate and financial markets leaving our own Biafra region desolate and economically underdeveloped. President Trump, Sir, Biafrans are probably the most industrious people in black Africa. The freedom of Biafra from corruption ridden Nigeria will be a turning point for Africa to becoming a first world continent and the beginning of the end to world aide for Africa. Biafra is the hope for Africa. Nigeria experiment by the British has long failed and the only viable way forward is to salvage what can build upon by dividing Nigeria so the regions can regain their original autonomy. Help us gain our freedom from Nigeria. We as a new nation will be the partner that United States can count on. We do not need aide, we need freedom to be all that we can be. We have advocates that will give you more information. Your help will not be for free. We have all manner of resources that the United States will benefit from as we form new government and management for our new nation. We want to negotiate. Thank you Sir for your attention to our cause. Yours Truly, Ij Onuigbo Cc: The White House, Biafra Live

WAR DRUMS: Syrian Regime Takes Manbij, Encircles Rebels in Beit Jinn, Approaching Golan via Israel Rising

While the Netanyahu government continues to revel in Trump’s Jerusalem declaration the euphoria should be kept in check. With each day that passes, the Syrian Regime draws closer to its goal in breaking the buffer zone that lies between its forces and the Israeli Golan.  Arab news is reporting that the Syrian regime aided by Iran and Hezbollah has captured Manbij Farms.
The fall of Manbij Farms essentially cuts off the strategic Beit Jinn enclave from supporting rebel forces.  This makes the 4km distance between the regime and Israel a far easier move as rebel forces continue to disintegrate.
Danger to Israel, Blow to Netanyahu
While it is often assumed to observers that the Assad regime would take its time before moving against Israel, the Iranians have been the real drivers in Assad’s decisions.  Given that the Shiite alliance, backed by Russia is continuing to win, there is no reason to assume they will stop at the Golan border.  Afterall Prime Minister Netanyahu promised that he would prevent Iran from establishing a direct land corridor between Tehran and Israel.  The 4km stretch between Beit Jinn and the Golan makes the land bridge the Iranians have been pining for a done deal.
Israel has little maneuverability when facing the coming onslaught, which by all estimates is fast approaching.

Fake News: Libyan Slave Markets. Exclusive Report!

What is up with this current fake news about Libya slave markets and aggrandizement of the Gaddafi regime? After CNN came out with video of slave auction markets in Libya, all hell has broken loose online and on mainstream media. Reports of African slaves being auctioned in Libya and the true ongoing horrors of immigrants drowning trying to escape Africa for EU countries has outraged the world. 

Twitter has erupted in total revisionist history of the real Gadaffi era

I began reporting on Libya in 2010 before the revolution and ouster of Gadaffi. Years ago I became friends with a gentleman from Misrata (Misurata) whom I trust to answer my questions and tell the truth on the situation on the ground in Libya. 

My 2015 4th anniversary of the revolution in Libya report highlighted triumph and tragedy as to what transpired in Libya during the four years after the revolution. 

My Libyan friend has kindly agreed to tell us what the real story is regarding the slave auctions. Here is our conversation.

Naomi: Hello friend. Can you give me something to counter the Libya slave auction story? I am having a hard time believing what is being reported.

Misrati: Yes, I am glad to tell you the real story and hope you can get this out to the public. There are two types of Africans that come to Libya.

The first type are those who come for working. They always go home. When these type enter, they stay at the South and they call their ex-boss by phone, since they had been to Libya before, and tell them they need someone to smuggle them to the North so they would be granted a safe transportation. They return home after a year or two to visit their family and then they make the journey to Libya again. This type of working migrant are mostly from Chad and Niger. Sometimes they are not lucky and they cross to the North via a town called Bani Walid, the town that CNN did not mention by name. At Bani Walid they get trapped and jailed by a gang who will not release them until they get paid. So they call their ex-boss again and also their friends back home and ask them to pay so they will be released. There is always an agent in the Northern city working for the gang and he is the one that gets the money. This agent sends a signal back to the gang to release the jailed migrant.

The second type of migrant are those that want to go to EU with no return to Africa. They are from Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Ghana, and Nigeria. Those people are not used to Libya. As for them, it is a one way journey, so they get into the hands of the gang before they reach the sea smugglers, since the gang knows that those migrants are desperate to reach the North. They arrest them and never release them until they pay or someone pays for them, and finally they will end up in such labor market auction that was reported by CNN, but as soon as they reach the North, they will quit work and ride the sea to EU. Some of them used to stay in Libya when the value of the Libyan Dinar was o.k., selling alcohol, drugs, and prostitution. But now as the LYD is not worthy they migrate North to Italy seeking more fertile ground.  

BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian Concentration Camp: Torture Video of Indigenous People of Biafra

I was just having a regular afternoon when I received an email from a member of IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra who was having some problem uploading a torture video of a Nigerian Concentration Camp on twitter. I was trying to help him with his settings, as it appeared that he was being censored. A 45 second clip was seen on twitter but it was nothing like the entire video, which is below. Shock and horror are understated nouns to describe what you will see here. It looks like the IPOB members are being forced to swim in filthy shallow water in a drainage ditch and then cram themselves into a pipe full of other IPOB members. The guard wears an Adidas jacket and as he whips the boys, he screams "Move Move Move Move" in English and some other language to them in the water. There is a long line of others waiting to enter the ditch and he yells "Hunch Hunch" as they do a frog jump. Then you see some guys hanging from their feet from the trunk of a tree while the guard laughs. If anyone knows where this camp is located and recognizes the prisoners clothing, please contact me by email at naomilitvin@yahoo.com

Nigerian Concentration Camp

Biafra: As The World Turns

On November 18, 2017, as the world turns, Nigerian elections will take place in an enclave known as Biafra Land in the so-called country of Nigeria on the continent of Africa. Biafra seeks #BiafraExit, their self-determination and freedom from Nigeria (the Zoo) through peaceful Referendum. Biafrans, who consist of many tribes, the largest being the Igbo, were ordered by Nnamdi Kanu, their Jewish leader to stay at home. "No elections will take place until we are given a referendum (for Biafra Exit),"  Kanu said. "There will be no election here anymore."  The Biafran people will stay home even in the face of reports that the Nigerian government is sending 28,000 military troops into Anambra. 

On September 14, 2017 Nnamdi Kanu went missing and is presumed dead. His body has not been found and the Nigerian government denies even attacking his home. But his voice is still vibrant, kept alive because of the great people of Biafra. And if his dead body, and those of his parents, are found, I can only imagine what will happen in the Land of the Rising Sun. To this day the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) maintain a strict non-violence policy. But with a physical confirmation of his and his parents deaths? All bets are off.
"IPOB Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful, told Vanguard that the attackers wore army and police uniforms and drove into the palace of the traditional ruler of Afaraukwu, who is the father of Nnamdi Kanu and started shooting people. He said in a statement: “We did not clash with anybody or group. The attackers wore Nigerian soldiers and Nigeria Police uniforms and came to kill our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in his compound at Afaraukwu, Umuahia and started shooting sporadically and killed five people and up to 30 other people had bullet wounds. After attacking our people, they drove off. They came in five Hilux vans.”
The day that Kanu went missing, when the Nigerian army burst onto the family compound and into the palace, Kanu's father, His Royal Majesty Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and mother Ugoeze Nnenne Kanu, were home with Nnamdi and other family members, friends, and members of the unarmed, non-violent Biafra Security Service. Many died violently, some were taken alive, some shot and thrown into the bush where they later died, and a few made videos with their cell phones which made it out with survivors. About a month later, the Nigerian killers returned to loot whatever belongings had not been taken on September 14. They didn't know about the CCTV on premises and they were captured on video.

September 14, 2017 Invasion of Kanu Palace, in Afara-Ukwu Ibeku Umuahia, Abia State

October 10, 2017 Nigerian Army returned to loot, CCTV footage

I was told by someone that he was "safe." The person that said that is no longer in my sphere. It is my opinion, that even if Nnamdi Kanu IS alive, it means he is not safe. Either he is in Nigerian prison somewhere, or in the hands of a new and violent group that has popped up who is bragging on twitter about performing vigilante justice, including mass murder and arson. That group, I believe, may be backed financially by a psychopath whose reckless grandiosity will be their undoing. He and his group intend to usurp IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) to form a new government, while allowing IPOB to be a political group if they are loyal to the "new government." Needless to say I have blocked these terrifying people that I believe are involved on twitter, my email, and facebook.

So many theories abound. Conspiracies, insanity, mass murder, arson and more...

Now back to the elections.
The precursor to the 'Stay at Home' order of November 18 was a few days ago on November 5 at the Enugu election. Biafrans were also told to stay at home and not vote. Twin explosions tore through the polling area.  IPOB hailed the boycott and said that Biafra is in control. 
I could go on and on but there's plenty of news that you can find online for yourselves. 
For now, I will sign off with a sincere hope for the best. 

This video below, was after Nnamdi Kanu was released from Kujo prison, and before the events spoken of above. Notice the Israeli and American flags flying.

Updates to WANTED NIGERIAN WAR CRIMINALS LIST #BiafraExit #BiafraReferendum

Last year on September 7, 2016 , I published a list of Biafra's Most Wanted Nigerian War Criminals. I did this in response to Nigeria posting a list of Wanted Biafrans while the leader of the IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra,) Nnamdi Kanu was still being held in Kuje Prison in Abuja, Nigeria. My list is not completely inclusive of the current genocidal terrorist butchers at large. Many that have made the Biafrans' life hell since the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 by Lord Lugard, British colonialist are thankfully dead. But new ones arise from the pits of Hell daily.

I had the names of twenty of those that IPOB considers MOST wanted for their war crimes. I had help from Biafra Intelligence and other well informed Biafrans that shall remain anonymous for their own safety.

Today I will add six more wanted Nigerian war criminals which brings my total to twenty-six. Today I had help from one of my sources. I will begin with the new additions:

A Holocaust is a Holocaust is a Holocaust: Laura's Story from Biafra War Memories

The story below is so similar to my mother's and her family's in the
Holocaust in Europe. At the end Laura tries to discourage Biafra from trying for their independence from Nigeria again. It is unimaginable for her that it will happen again. The killings, the starvation, the Death Marches, rape, pillage... more than we can imagine although all of that visits us in our nightmares from our parents' stories. My mother used to say, "If there is a G-d in heaven, WHY?" The reason Biafra must try again is because the genocidal butchers are bottomless in their thirst for blood; they will revisit you whether you agitate or not. Eventually they will come for you. You must go. And if they don't want you to? Then the horror will visit them, and their families.

"My father…they butchered him"
"My name is Laura Nwando Onwualu.  I was born 1954 in northern Nigeria, Plateau State, Kura Falls"
I don’t remember much about the Nigerian Biafran War but I remember then I was in primary 6, 1967 or 66. Yes, 66 -67 No, then, there was a time – they started teaching us a song, you know, it says it is going to be our new anthem for our new country, Biafra. So we were learning the song. What we are going to do with it we don’t know but then we started noticing people in the north – because then I was staying with my grandmother in Onitsha [in the Southeast] – we started noticing our family members in the North coming home [to the Southeast] you know. We don’t know they came back telling us stories of killing in the North about how they will come to the house. The Hausas will come to the houses, kill them you know especially the men and my father came home with my mother because they were in the North. My family came home. Though my father wasn’t killed. He was on leave [from work]. He came home and they were telling me stories. One afternoon my mother was in the market. We were home and people started running and I was very young then. I didn’t know why they were running. They said the Hausas have crossed the bridge and that they are coming into Onitsha.
We were hearing gun shots and bomb blasts and all that so I gathered my brothers and started running with the neighbors. We didn’t know where we were going. We left the house and we were just trekking and people were falling and people were crying you know because they couldn’t see their loved ones. My mother came home looking for us you know. Eventually she found us. Then my father had gone back to the North because after his leave he had to go back and we didn’t see him again so.
“We were hearing gun shots and bomb blasts”
Yes, after his leave, he decided to go back because then he was working with the white men. He was persuaded not to go back because of the killings [there in the North] but he said no. He just wants to get there, take permission from his work place and come back [to join us in the Southeast in Onitsha] so he left one morning and then we never see him again and that was it. So eventually somebody came to tell us that he was killed. He was killed actually with some people that, they were to board the train, that was September 29, 1966, they were to board the train coming back to the Southeast from Jos, Bukuru precisely. They were waiting for the train at the station that night to come to the Southeast so these Hausas, they came and killed all of them there. That was how we never saw him, my father, again till date.

Judith Bergman: Why Don't All Black Lives Matter?

My friend, Judith Bergman, a writer, columnist, lawyer and political analyst

Why Don’t All Black Lives Matter?

Western social justice warriors couldn't care less about Biafra By Judith Bergman• 

gettyimages 690026530 Why Don’t All Black Lives Matter?
A man points at a Biafran flag painted on a wall on Old Market road in Onitsha on May 30, 2017, during a shutdown in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Nigerian civil war. Stefan Heunis/AFP/Getty Image

Fifty years ago, on May 30, 1967, Biafrans seceded from Nigeria, and declared their own state. The Nigerian government refused to accept the secession and responded by launching a war on Biafra in July 1967. The assault included a blockade of the nascent state, and resulted in the genocide of more than two million Biafrans, many of whom were children who starved to death because of the blockade. After three years of war, the nascent state of Biafra ceased to exist. 
Biafrans are an indigenous African people, who are ethnically predominantly Igbo. The territories that constitute present-day Nigeria became a British colony in 1914, merging a number of different indigenous African peoples in the artificial construct of Nigeria, among them the Biafrans. In 1960, Nigeria became independent, retaining the artificial shape left over from British colonization. 
Most likely, you will have heard nothing about this Biafran anniversary, nor about the peaceful efforts of Biafrans today to bring about an independent Biafra and the Nigerian government’s brutal suppression of those efforts. The media is not covering it, universities and think tanks are not hosting conferences about it, the United Nations Human Rights Council is not passing resolutions about it, and human rights activists and social justice warriors are not marching in the streets for Biafra. The world community is universally and shamefully silent on the plight of the Biafrans.                  

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu exits Kuje Prison: Meets bail conditions crafted by Buhari in Islamic Nigeria

It is with great joy that I can write that  Nnamdi Kanu, leader of seventy million Biafran people, has left Kuje prison in Abuja, Nigeria on bail granted on health grounds. Although the bail conditions initially seemed insurmountable, and are purported to be written by none other than Islamic Hausa President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, the Indigenous People of Biafra found the wherewithal to meet all requirements including flying in an esteemed Rabbi to vouch for Nnamdi. The three other pro-Biafra prisoners, Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu, and David Nwawuisi were not granted bail on the charges of treasonable felony and criminal defamations.
"The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has condemned the bail conditions granted its incarcerated leader, Nnamdi Kanu by Justice Binta Nyako of an Abuja Federal High Court. IPOB, in a statement signed and  sent to DAILY POST by its spokespersons claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari wrote the bail conditions and handed them over to Justice Nyako who read them in court."
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had to meet the following bail terms: 
  • “Produce three sureties and two of whom must be; (a) highly respected and recognized Jewish leader and (b) highly placed Igbo person such as a Senator. The third surety must be resident in Abuja with a landed property in the same Abuja. Above all, the three sureties must deposit one hundred million naira (N100 Million) each.
  • “Barred from attending any rally and granting any form of interview.
  • “Must not be in a crowd exceeding 10 persons.
  • “Must surrender his British and Nigerian passports even when these passports are still in the custody of the DSS.
  • “Must sign an undertaking to avail himself for trial at all times.”
I can only imagine Nnamdi Kanu's first evening free to be with his family!


Nnamdi Kanu at Radio Biafra