The terrifying rise of Nazis on Twitter

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We all know that Nazi parties exist worldwide. We see reports of far-right Nazi parties rising in Europe in reaction to Muslim immigration. Actually these parties are not new; and some are sheltered left-over Nazis from World War II. Now they've become so popular in some countries that more than one party, as in Austria, compete for Nazi members and merge for maximum efficacy. I counted sixty-five Nazi parties worldwide on a Wikipedia article that included the American Nazi Party.

But my point today is that Twitter has become a huge platform for Nazi activity and many of them partly hide their purpose by tweeting other news as they slip in hatred of Jews and other minorities. Twitter, by allowing their existence, is enabling them.
"On Twitter, ISIS’s preferred social platform, American white nationalist movements have seen their followers grow by more than 600% since 2012..."
Occasionally a Nazi will overtly tweet to me, like this, as they operate with impunity on Twitter.

And I've reported to Twitter with no relief. Will I continue to report Nazis to Twitter? No, why bother. 

Nazis on Twitter use US Presidential candidate Donald Trump hashtags as a smokescreen to garner retweets and those quick to RT without reading who created the original tweet, give support to Nazi groups. The other day I noticed that a friend had retweeted something that I looked at further. I found that the original tweeter's account had tweeted many times about Jews owning the media and other blood libel against my people. Those who had RTd the Nazi were perfectly upstanding Twitter members. We are all guilty of having a quick finger to retweet and all is forgiven if you go back and delete what inadvertently happened. No biggie.
Interestingly no one involved but me realized they had linked to a Nazi. But @whittmann1948 who wrote the originating tweet IS a Nazi. In a fascinating development a long-time Twitter friend @_matilda_ then tweeted evidence that @whittman1948 is indeed a Nazi.
At first I didn't understand what Matilda meant. Then it began to become clear. The Nazis have a coded, secret language to get around laws in Germany that prohibit the use of the swastika and support for Nazi ideology (At the end of this blog the entire language code in English is provided, which Matilda has furnished to me.) Then this:
I asked Matilda to contribute a statement to this article and she kindly did.
"My Statement is that I'm really unhappy and disappointed or even angry about the situation in Germany, Europe and America. In the last 20-30 yrs, Nazi-groups and extreme-right-wing-parties are on the rise and it seems nothing and nobody can stop them. My opinion is that the German Government is not innocent in that case. They are not willing or able to close down the original Nazi-Party NSDAP, the name changed later to National Democratic Party of Germany so they sound more 'democratic.' Since decades, different kinds of Anti-fascist-Organisations (The Wiesenthal Foundation is one of them, and diverse other groups which are against Nazis and Neo-Nazis), are trying to get the German Government to forbid the main and mother-party NPD, because since the early 90's many splinter-groups and second, third parties were funded with original members of the old NPD Party. The German Government organized diverse actions against those groups, like underground and civil police and the German secret service BND and BfV (der Bundesamtes für Verfassungsschutz) but sadly the results were unsuccessful. I'm talking mostly about Germany because for many years there were meetings in Germany organized by the NPD for David Irving and his American friends including David Duke. After they did get banned from Germany, later Austria, and a few more European Countries. So they did meet up in other countries like South Africa before David Irving got banned and in America many times. And those meetings are well visited by young people - the future Nazis in the making, it's an endless chain. It seems they will never die out."
I am grateful to Matilda for her contribution to this article and for pointing out that Germany is not innocent in this matter, not doing enough to police these groups.

After my mother was liberated from Nazi captivity, and because she was a Jewish survivor who spoke seven languages, she had the opportunity to became a denazifier, an interrogator working for UNRA. Unfortunately many got through the process and lived to fight another Nazi era, thanks to the USA government and cunning Nazis able to slip through. My mother did her best but as smart as she was, there were limits as to what she was up against.
Edith Festinger, UNRA Interrogator for DeNazify Project
UNRA Headquarters, Munich 1945-1946

Nazi Icons and signs

"Supporters of international extreme right make use of certain symbols and signs to show their attitude in public. Like all symbols, they serve the fast recognition, thus constitute a group and transnational Code. Under German law, the public show of almost all right-wing symbols or marks is to § 86 of the Criminal Code ( dissemination of propaganda of unconstitutional organizations ) and § 86a of the Criminal Code ( Using symbols of unconstitutional organizations ) punished.
After 1945 symbols and signs of been Nazi ideology of the German and international right-wing extremist scene resumed, reinterpreted in part and expanded especially in the 1990s by new abbreviations and symbols.

Table of Contents

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       1.2 anniversaries
       1.4 flags
       1.5 Graphical symbols
       1.6 gestures
       1.7 Network Jargon
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This symbolic language includes not only slogans ( " My honor is loyalty ") but also the use of terms of Nazi terminology ( " Ostmark ") and ciphers as the " East Coast (US) " for supposedly of "the Jews" dominated politics and media landscape of the United States, " Central Germany " in a revisionist interpretation, terms such as " fascism mace ", "Auschwitz mace" or even simple calendrical data (see anniversaries).


The letters or numbers listed here have been established in the neo-Nazi scene and be in this form for example: as not criminal version of unconstitutional symbols used or slogans. Use find these abbreviations as a print or patches of garments such as baseball caps , T-shirts etc. or as a complement to signatures in texts, demonstration banners and flags, CD -Booklets or album covers, etc. to show their own mind.

stands as a numerical code for the abbreviation MdG which in Germany and Austria punishable salutation " With German greeting ".
stands for 1 and 8 Letters of the Latin alphabet and is used as a synonym for the initials of Adolf Hitler used. Thus, a neo-Nazi British terrorist organization named Combat 18 , a side project of the right rock band Sturmwehr 's storm 18 
stands for the 2nd and 8th letter of the alphabet and is used as an abbreviation for Blood and Honour . B & H is active in many countries, neo-Nazi movement, according to the slogan of the Hitler Youth was designated. At the end of summer 2000, B & H and its youth organization White Youth were banned in Germany.
represents the 7th and 4th letters of the alphabet and is used as an abbreviation for " Greater Germany "
Stands for the 8th and 4th letter of the alphabet and serves as an abbreviation for "Heildeutsche" and is used as a greeting ( "Heil dir")
represents twice the 8th letter of the alphabet and is used as an abbreviation for the greeting " Heil Hitler ". For example, was a well-known neo-Nazi meeting in Neumünster (Schleswig-Holstein) Club 88 and one of the oldest US Hatecore -Bands Chaos 88. Additional property 88 when counting down the alphabet from behind, for the letters SS .
Stands for DdD ( "Germany the Germans"), this is to symbolize the unwantedness of foreigners.
Stands for the 19th and the 8th letter of the alphabet, as abbreviation for "Sieg Heil".
Two times the 19th letter of the alphabet, thus "SS".
191 and 19/1, respectively
Stands for the 19th and the first letter of the alphabet, ie "SA" (storm department).
stands for the letters 1, 9 and 2 of the alphabet, so "AIB" for "Adolf is back" 
stands for the Fourteen Words of David Lane and the initials "Heil Hitler", 8 = eighth letter in the alphabet, 88 = HH = Heil Hitler.
In addition, it can also represent 1 = A, 4 = D, 8 = Heil, 8 = Hitler.
168: 1
is a cynical "balance" of the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City (USA) on 19 April 1995. The number combination, which first appeared on T-shirts by right-wing extremists in the United States is that 168 fatalities, which demanded the stop, of the death of the main perpetrator Timothy McVeigh 's face, of it on 11 June 2001 executed . was McVeigh is said to have told a journalist before his execution: "expressed in the crudest manner, it stands 168 to one, and he felt . as the winner " He maintained close contacts with various right-wing extremist organizations and had sympathy for them; Right-wing extremists consider him one of their own. 
stands for "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" (We need to ensure the continued existence of our people and the future of white children. ') and refers to a quotation from the American Law terrorists and racists David Eden Lane . Rarely is the explanation that the number 14 stands for the 1st and 4th letter of the alphabet and serves as an abbreviation for "Auf Deutschland". A known right rock band called 14 helpers , in their song 14 Words states: "There is a phrase that will never forget! Fight, live, fight for him! 14 words, never forget! ".
Also 4:20 or 420. Stands in the American date announcement for the 20th April, Hitler's birthday.
B & H
as it is also "28" for Blood and Honour (dt., Blood and Honor ').
stands for " Hammerskins forever, forever Hammer Skins".
Name a right-wing hooligan grouping (the acronym stands for "Hooligans - Na zis - Ra ssisten"). 
Jewish Occupied Government, Zionist or Jewish occupied government.
stands for "RA cial HO ly WA r" what, holy racial war 'is.
"Supreme White Power", increase of "White Power", means the highest (superior) white power '.
(In Germany, WAW): Stands for White Aryan Resistance (White Aryan Resistance ').
is the recent use of "White Aryan Power" (, White Aryan power ') in expansion and based on projecting shortcuts.
stands for "Will Of The Aryan Nation", in German: [the] will of the Aryan Nation ', a reference to the Germanic god Wotan .
stands for " White Power " (white power), a motto of the Ku Klux Klan . Later, it was by the British neo-Nazi Ian Stuart Donaldson , the singer of the band Skrewdriver , summarized for the Nazi and racist theory of the supremacy of the "white race" is used.
"White Pride World Wide" (worldwide white pride ').
Zionist Occupied Government , Zionist / Jewish Occupied Government.
Unofficial abbreviation for Sieg Heil.
Especially popular are also combinations of the respective number of symbols such as 88/14 or 14/88. RechtsRock - and NSBM CDs cost in neo-Nazi acts not infrequently shipping 14,88 Euro.

More in the US than in Europe following symbols are used:
"I have nothing to say." (I have nothing to say ') In accordance with the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, the right to remain silent. A code for the unspoken, in which the listener or reader can imagine what it is.
Written "3 times 11". 11 stands for K, 11 letters of the alphabet, so KKK, the abbreviation for the Ku Klux Klan .
33 also stands for 3 times 11 and thus for KKK. 6 is the current era of the Ku Klux clan as well as the number of founders of the association.
... pure Aryan descent.
represents the date of the FBI ; action against the sect of the Branch Davidians in Waco in 1993 and the Oklahoma City bombing . It is a symbol of aversion to the US government.
Christian Identity (Christian identity). This white and Christian identity equated, thereby simultaneously designated solely Christians as an alleged "chosen people" and Jews are excluded, as these of the extreme right of the animals or to view Satan descended (see also anti-Semitism ).
"United As One" (united as one), greeting white racists formula.
44 + 44
44 + 44 = 88, 88 for each of the eighth letter in the alphabet, H, so HH for Heil Hitler. In addition, the fours are written as the SS character.


Symbolic dates have different anniversaries:
       of . 13 February as a day of air raids on Dresden ,
       the 20th April as Hitler's birthday ,
       the first May as introduced by the Nazis holiday ( May Day )
       the 17th August as the death of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison ,
       the ninth November as a day of the failed " Hitler Putsch " in 1923 and the " Kristallnacht " in 1938th

Clothing and accessories

Anti-Semitic demonstrators (Berlin in July 2014) with Keffiyeh and the number "88" as a code for the Nazi salute tattooed on the forearm
Garments that the letters NSDAP (the manufacturer's name or logo Consdaple show), will be borne by the neo-Nazi scene gladly. For example, on shirts of lettering is mounted so that with an open jacket only the acronym of the banned party NSDAP visible. Clothing companies such as Lonsdale (with open jacket are the letters NSDA to detect) or Fred Perry , however, distance themselves from such associations. In German-speaking countries also enjoy brand shoes New Balance a certain popularity with neo-Nazis . The logo of the brand is seen as the reason for this, an "N" sewn on the shoes with which the wearer is characterized as a "nationalist". Also this association is rejected by the manufacturer. The brand itself boycotted stores that were attributed to the extreme right. 
More popular in the scene accessories are clean-shaven heads and clothes of the brand Thor Steinar and Harry North . Other well-known brands in this scene are Troublemaker , Master Race Europe , Pit Bull and Rizist . Also the originally native in politically left-wing Palästinensertuch enjoys in the neo-Nazi scene as an expression of anti-Semitism have become popular. The purpose of this change is to enter the mainstream of society. 


On demonstrations and marches of the Neo-Nazi scene flags are often carried along. Among the most common are the following:
       Reichskriegsflagge : the Reichskriegsflagge there were four versions in the years 1867-1945; punishable in the 1935-1945 version, the version from 1867 to 1921, for example, in the Free State of Saxony confiscated by the police at the request. It was also a sign of the National Collection of used (NS).
       Black and white Red flags, sometimes with iron cross : The colors are those of the North German Confederation of 1867 and of the German Empire in 1871, which by the Nazis and the " Third Reich . Were taken" re [12] They are contrary to the colors black, red and gold , the u. A. for the March revolution of the German democratic movement, the Weimar Republic are today and in particular for the Federal Republic of Germany, are to overcome the extreme right. In addition, it allows the public connection with national socialism to be without punishment.
       Germany Flag : Although the colors black, red and gold of many right-wing extremists are rejected because they both the national colors of disapproved of the extreme right Weimar Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany are. However, attempts are being made to reach the center of society and to reach people who are identified with the colors black-red-gold but are not right-wing extremes. This is part of the normalization strategy of some right-wing extremists. [13]
In addition, flags are supported by right-wing organizations (such as the NPD or the youth wing of the Young National Democrats ).

Graphic icons

Symbol of a Celtic Cross
Wolfsangel vertically
Wolfsangel horizontal
Variation of Triskele
Many of the graphic symbols shown here are often used by right-wing extremists. Because they are often older (Germanic or Celtic) origin, some of them are, however, also from non-political Goths or neo- used. Some are patches, others serve as ornaments (necklaces, etc.) and others are used on posters, stickers and flyers. They are also as tattoos worn or sprayed, drawn and engraved. The described legal situation relates to Germany.
       Gau-Badge: also Gauwinkel, was used to rank the provinces in National Socialism, see Gau (NSDAP) and Reichsgau ; punishable since of 2002. [14]
       Swastika : sign of the Nazi party , a negative sign of the Action Front of National Socialists / National Activists (ANS / NA); prohibited and punishable in all conceivable variants, including inverted, negative, etc., even (for a time) in the red crossed version, a popular Jack Patch leftist punks . However, this changed with a decision of the Federal Court in 1973. [15]
       Hammer & Sword: Symbol free nationalist groups (see Free camaraderie ); not punishable.
       Celtic Cross : In the form shown here (vertical bar and crossbar have the same length) symbol of the neo-Nazi scene ; It stands for the "superiority of the white, Nordic race". As the Celtic cross in the flag of the neo-Nazi VSBD / PdA was used, which was banned by the Federal Minister of the Interior in 1982, it constitutes an indication that an unconstitutional organization within the meaning of § 86 , § 86a of the Criminal Code. The use is thus punishable. In particular, in its original form but it is also of Goth , metal fans and esoteric worn oriented people without right-wing extremist worldview example as jewelery. In practice, the use is therefore usually prosecuted only if it is shown in connection with the VSBD / PdA. According to the latest jurisprudence of the Federal Court may also an isolated use of the symbol gem. § 86a be Penal Code punishable, unless the external circumstances indicate that the protective purpose of the standard is clearly not affected, in particular, the symbol is used obviously in a harmless context. [ 16] such a Celtic cross was in the 1930s, among other symbol of fascist French Parti populaire français .
       Lambda : symbol of the far right identitarian movement , not punishable.
       Othala / Odal rune : symbol of the Hitler Youth and later use by Viking Youth and the federal National Students (BNS); Punishable (punishable at times). The journal Nation Europa described it in 1993 as "an ancient Nordic symbol of ancestral loyalty." (A slightly modified version of main sergeants of the Bundeswehr worn as badges of rank.)
       SA: signs of the storm department prohibited.
       Black Sun : A later identified as Black Sun symbol, the SS in the Obergruppenfuhrer Hall of Wewelsburg a. The symbol was placed until 1991 with the already older esoteric neo-Nazi concept of a Black Sun in conjunction. [17] The Black Sun is widespread both in the right and in the non-political scene Esoterik. It shows a kind of sun gear, the twelve spokes as inverse Siegrune can be interpreted. Three hooks can also be recognized within the symbol. The black sun has therefore become a recognized symbol of the two forbidden signs.
       Victory Rune : In National Socialism as a simple victory rune characters of German young people in the Hitler Youth , as a double rune characters of the SS, now often used instead of the normal spelling of the south; Punishable Like other runes they are thousands of years of common suggest "Germanic" past. The ANS / NA also used a victory rune with horizontal peaks.
       Sun Cross: in particular by using the Ku Klux Klan; Punishable
       SS Totenkopf [Skull], with the SS motto " My honor is loyalty "; Punishable
       SS symbol, a punishable offense.
       Mjolnir / Thorhammer : Warhammer, iconographic attribute of the Germanic god Thor . A small hammer is worn as a necklace on a necklace. This jewelry is on "Germanic" often worn due to the receipt of the extreme right, however, to a large extent by Goths, metal heads and neo-pagan -oriented people with no right-wing extremist worldview.
       Tomoe are actually symbols in Japanese Crests , but also in Buddhism and Shinto used. They consist of a circle in the (mostly) three Magatama -shaped figures with the bulge form a kind Triskele inside there. Japanese right-wing extremists ( uyoku ) sometimes wear bracelets, on which four Magatama listed so that the inner character has four hooks like the swastika, thus resulting in a strong visual similarity with the swastika armbands of the National Socialist era.
       Triskele : use by the Ku Klux Klan, the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging and Blood and Honour ; not punishable.
       White Power : uses a variation of the Celtic Cross; In this variant punishable.
       Wolf Angel : used by the Nazis symbol. So carrying aides of the Hitler Youth Wolfsangel as sleeve patch . The SA-Standarte Feldherrnhalle , the National Socialist Students Federation and the armored brigade 106 Feldherrenhalle used this sign. The Wolfsangel is to symbolize defensiveness in this context. After the end of the Nazi dictatorship the symbol was occasionally taken up in right-wing circles around the world. So the Wolfsangel recognition symbol of the 1982 Prohibited was Young Front (JF). In the context of right-wing organizations the use of the Wolfsangel in Germany is punishable. Legal use for example, there in the arms of numerous cities and towns, but also in forestry. [18]


       Hitler salute ; punishable under. § 86a and § 130 of the Criminal Code.
       Kühn Greeting : also "resistance Greeting" altered version of the Hitler salute, is like this out of the outstretched right arm, but using thumb, index and middle finger extended and the ring and little fingers are buckled. Named after the German Neo-Nazi leader Michael Kuhnen ; punishable under. § 86a and § 130 of the Criminal Code.
       Quenelle : from the known for his anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic remarks French comedian on the basis of the "Hitler salute" Dieudonne introduced gesture.
       Wolf Greeting ; not criminal, is the greeting letter of the Grey Wolves , the supporters of the fascist Turkish party Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)


Network jargon

In network jargon of neo-Nazi scene, the four is called Odal rune Othala read and used as a distinguishing feature.

Legal situation

The dissemination and use of symbols and slogans from the era of National Socialism and of banned neo-Nazi organizations applies in German criminal law as use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations and to § 86a StGB offense. Often, similar, but not forbidden, signs are selected. The use of labels that do not under § 86a fall Penal Code can, in part, as incitement to § 130 are punishable Criminal Code. According to the rule of exception in § 86, para. 3, of the Criminal Code, the "social adequacy clause", acts are not punishable if they are used for civic enlightenment, science, reporting on events of history or for similar purposes.
In most countries, such as the US, symbols of national socialism may be worn in public.


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Web Links

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--- - is a very good AntiNazi Organisation in Germany, and on Twitter"