Dearborn then and now; the negative result of excluding Jews from living in Dearborn, Michigan

Why the feigned shock at the demographics of Dearborn, Michigan?

The Muslim takeover of Dearborn, Michigan was paved way back when Henry Ford had his Judenrein (Jew-free) factories and most neighborhoods wouldn't rent apartments or sell homes to Jews. Good old Henry couldn't just quietly hate Jews, he established his newspaper The Ford International Weekly and The International Jew, a four volume set of blood libel booklets against the Jewish people, published and distributed in the early 1920s. This work expounded on The International Jew: The World's ProblemTo foment and teach the good old Michiganders who were of pure Christian blood that the filthy Jews weren't needed or wanted became Henry's obsession. Henry Ford was the first international contributor to Adolph Hitler and certainly a collaborator in the Nazi machine.  Ford created the lie that there was a Jewish conspiracy to control the world. He fed it with the fertilizer of hatred to propagate his own sick conspiracy. Yes, Henry Ford was greatly admired by Adolph Hitler. The mutual attraction between Ford and Hitler's Nazism continued until Ford's death. 

An article written January 10, 2010 by Bare Naked Islam asking why there are so many Muslims in 'Dearbornistan" is a good show and tell; it also proves that I am not the only person to come up with the connection between Henry Ford's Dearborn, and the Dearbornistan of today: An area that excludes Jews and welcomes Nazis and their sympathizers. 

The pundits talk about vacuums created and then utilized by ISIS and other Islamic Barbarians when United States Military withdrew from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other similar situations in the Middle East. I believe that in Dearborn, Michigan there also was a vacuum created... by Henry Ford. Perhaps if there were thriving Jewish communities that had been allowed to flourish in Dearborn, Michigan a more equitable balance of diversity would be thriving there.