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07 September 2016


Naomi Litvin
Hunting War Criminals
In response to the Islamic government of Nigeria posting a most wanted list of Biafrans that includes Mrs. Nnamdi Kanu, Indigenous Leader of Biafra's wife, I have posted the twenty most wanted war criminals on Biafra's list. These ruthless, dangerous men remind us of The Top 10 Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals. The Nigerian War Criminals have much blood on their hands as reported by U.S. Congressman Tom Marino in a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry recently visited with Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari and more chaos against the people of Biafra Land has been unleashed since then, bringing impending civil war closer. Follow me on twitter @nlitvin for all the latest, including the most recent death threats against Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje Prison in Abuja, Nigeria on September 5 which caused chaos for about twelve hours online. *added war criminals 8/12/2017 

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