Exclusive: Conversations With Naomi: Israel Rising's David Mark

David Mark  [Dawid ben Eliyahu]
Founder & Chief Editor
Israel Rising
It is an honor to publish my Conversation with David Mark and shine a light on the great work he is doing through Israel Rising and Israel Africa Hub. If you look at David's work and ideals, you can see how this new generation of Israeli thinks and works to enable Israel to be the best in the new world order that is emerging. 

Naomi:  What is the purpose of Israel Rising? What is your mission; what do you want to achieve as an organization? How do you prioritize your goals?

David Mark: Israel Rising is an alternative right wing online magazine.  I have believed for a while that Israel’s rights to all of its ancestral lands, which includes Judea and Samaria has been dismissed because the right has often sided with Western nations, who have followed a neo-colonialist agenda. The Right in Israel is not neoconservative in the slightest and is very multifaceted.  The fact that many of its leaders have sided with the American right due to expediency does not reflect the deep ideological divide that exists there.  

Our biggest priority at Israel Rising is creating a new Right-Left Paradigm in relation to Israel’s connection with its own land and placing this in its rightful context. I have always been a proponent of charting our own course, one which is specifically separate from those countries that have often times been our biggest abusers.  We are an ancient people unduly ripped from our homeland and justice dictates we have a lawful right to all of it. Given this outlook, an Israeli nationalist should find himself far more connected to the plight of Biafra, Native American rights, Indian Nationalism, etc. rather than adopting a Western orientation.

This is why we emphasize a united Israel agenda as well as pushing for lasting partnerships with African and Eastern countries.

Naomi: Would you please define anousim and crypto Jews in the context of your interest and organization for our audience?

David Mark: Anousim are clearly Jews of Spanish and Portuguese origin that fled the Inquisition and are now awakening to the fact that they are actually Jewish or have Jewish ancestry.  There are at least 25 million of them.  Some experts say 100 million. Not all are Halachic Jews, but many are; with many more sharing ancestry.

In terms of Crypto Jews, I use that term a bit more loosely when it comes to Jewish or Israelite communities that share many traditions with normative Torah Jews, but these communities became lost or disconnected.  With the advent of the Internet, coupled with the rise of Israel as real power, these communities are awakening and seeking a real return to their roots.

Naomi:  Can you explain the concept of Global Israel that I heard you speak of with on your podcast with Rabbi Harry Rozenberg? Can it become a reality or is it just an idea?

David Mark: There is a Midrash that says at the end of time the Land of Israel will spread throughout the world. This is not fairy tale stuff.  Wherever an Israelite is he or she can activate what is called in Kabbalah, their nekudat Tzion or point of Zion.  I am not talking about the State here, but rather a consciousness.  With the Internet a true consciousness like I am talking about is possible. The State of Israel can certainly facilitate this, but in reality it doesn’t need to.  We can and we will.  None of what we read in the Bible or Midrash is hokey pokey, but rather coded blueprints for us to implement in order to create a better for perfect world.

So yes, it is possible and really it is happening now.  Whether it is Rabbi Harry’s iTribe or much of our own network through Israel Rising or our sites like Israel Africa Hub people are waking up to something much bigger than becoming an Israeli citizen. Israelite traditions and our approach to the world are becoming the basis for many communities around the world.  In many ways these ordinances that we are all striving to live by is an alternate form of governance, free of boundaries and yet striving to create the ultimate global community.

Naomi: Regarding the self-determination of Biafra; do you think they are ready to self-govern? Do you believe they have any monetary funds behind them?

David Mark: They certainly have the potential to have the monetary funds.  The Igbo people in diaspora are some of the most wealthiest cultural groups in the world. Money is not the issue. IPOB is also very organized, so if there was to be a Biafra they could certainly govern themselves.  The only question is will.