Monday, April 11, 2016

#TheMasadaFaktor #FreeKindleEdition April 12, 13, 14

Naomi Litvin, Haifa Israel 2014
In honor of my mother's 71st year liberation from Nazi captivity on April 13, 1945 I am giving away the kindle edition of award winning* The Masada Faktor for F R E E. I only wish that Mom was still with me to see that I published my first work of fiction after We Never Lost Hope and Beneath A Stormy Cloud

I wrote the The Masada Faktor, a Mediterranean noir based on my adventures in Israel before and during The Gaza War 2014. I hope you enjoy this fast read. By clicking on 'preview' below, you can see a bit of what's inside the book. Caveat emptor: contains a few steamy parts, for adults only. Reviews are highly appreciated!

The Kindle App is F R E E click to get it from Amazon
*The Masada Faktor won Honorable Mention at Southern California Book Festival 2015 and London Book Festival 2016