Enugu Massacre: KC Reports from Biafra: Conversations with Naomi

An email arrived this morning from my friend KC of Biafraland in the South East of Nigeria. In a previous interview, Conversations with Naomi: My Biafran Friend we were able to "peek into a Biafran's frame of mind at this critical juncture when Biafra seeks to secede from Nigeria.."

Today's email from KC to Naomi
April 26, 2016
Good Day Madam, Have you seen this news?

Armed Fulani-herdsmen
Fulani herdsman
KC: The Fulani herdsmen are the same people that have been causing mayhem in all parts of Nigeria and has now gone to our land to burn churches and kill our people with no arrest at all!

These are Buhari blood relations because he's Fulani too and Fulani herdsmen are the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world but not one is arrested, they kill and go free!
Someone claimed on twitter that yesterday as the attack was going on in our land the governor of Enugu state in Biafraland placed a call to the president but no reply from him. The police couldn't even stop the herdsmen from killing our people because they are answerable to Inspector General of Police and the president, not the state Governor!

Personally I have written off Nigeria! To me it doesn't exist again and I think the only option now is to fight for survival because Buhari and his brothers are out to Islamize our people and take our lands by at all cost!

Naomi: KC, I would like to ask a few important questions. First of all, how organized is IPOB?

KC: As you know, IPOB stands for Indigenous People of Biafra, the owners of the Biafraland and its resources. We have a well organized hierarchy. As you know, our leader Nnamdi Kanu is currently in detention but our Deputy Director Uche Mefor doubles as the Director of Radio Biafra and the Director of IPOB in the absence of our Leader Nnamdi Kanu.

Naomi:  Is there anything in place for self-defense?

KC: Right now nothing is in place for self-defense! The Fulani herdsmen are fighting for our lands and the president, Buhari, is also Fulani by tribe so he has decided to close his eyes on the atrocities of his Kinsmen. We the Biafrans see them as an Islamist Army in disguise as herdsmen! The Nigerian government kept their eyes closed as the Fulani herdsmen killed yesterday in Enugu!

I attached my tweet to you today to bring to your notice that it is alleged that the Nigerian government was complicit in the defense of its herdsmen and this has been the case since the present government came to power especially against Christians and Biafrans. The Fulani herdsmen kills and destroys without reproach, to them and the present government their cattle are more important than human beings.

Naomi: Is there any country or entity that will intervene to assist? 

KC: We are not sure of any country that will intervene in our situation because the Nigerian government has paid them off to keep silent about Biafra. Amnesty International and United Nations that we hoped on has all turned their eyes against us. 

The world knows Biafrans as unique people and with the assistance of Britain they have kept us in perpetual subjugation until today under the Muslim North, which they used to kill us during the Biafran-Nigerian civil war.

We pray that as the Americans goes to the polls they will elect a leader that will look into our plights.

We also believe that Israel will come to aid in all forms both by lobbying for recognition of Biafra as a Sovereign State in the United Nations and by supporting the struggle militarily when necessary.

Naomi: How will the Biafran people transition from a peace loving and religious group to be able to defend yourselves? And what would happen if your people started to arm themselves in their communities?

KC: We have local security guards in our respective communities but I guess they were overwhelmed by a more organized and well-armed Fulani herdsmen yesterday at Enugu. I believe the Nigerian government arms the Fulani herdsmen because when they attack civilians the government does not lift a finger to assist the victims. This isn't the first time such has occurred but why we spoke out in such a magnitude and rejected it, is because it's in our land- Biafra and they even destroyed churches and and lives! They are the fourth most deadly terrorist group in the world so this speaks volumes about them. Also they focus mostly on Christians communities. 

As I said, nothing is in place for self-defense!

The Fulani herdsmen are fighting for our lands and Buhari is also Fulani by tribe so he has decided to close his eyes on the atrocities of his Kinsmen. We the Biafrans see them as an Islamist Army in disguise as herdsmen! The Nigerian government kept their eyes closed as the Fulani herdsmen killed yesterday in Enugu.
With our leader Nnamdi Kanu in detention the Nigerian government are looking for evidence of terrorism against him having charged him with treasonable felony, so it’s not wise to pick up arms till our director is out of detention.

They adjourned our leader's case in the federal high court today to 20-23rd of June 2016 these are deliberate delay tactics to know if the Biafrans will retaliate in any form and they will immediately tag us terrorist and condemn our leader Nnamdi Kanu!
We are in a big mess but we will triumph over the Pharaoh of our time - Muhammed Buhari.

Naomi: Thank you KC, stay strong!

KC: Take good care of yourself!

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