Thursday, March 17, 2016

We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story #Free on #Kindle March 18-22 on Amazon

 In order to share my family's story I am offering We Never Lost Hope free on Amazon Kindle for five days! I hope you enjoy my family's story and see that even in the horrific historical proportions of the Holocaust, there was hope, joy, and love. The manifestations on the families that came forth from the Holocaust is yet another story but hope involves encapsulating happiness in small doses in order to go forward. I always thought it didn't take much for me to get motivated in having hope for the future. Unfortunately in this current climate of political power struggles, hatred, and worldwide genocide it is more difficult than ever to have hope; that is why I want to give this book for #Free with hope that you will not just put it in your queue but read it. If you would like to share your feelings in a review, you can send it in comments or post to Amazon. 
Foreword by
Sir Martin Gilbert z"l

book trailer by Naomi Litvin