Sir Martin Gilbert
 Foreword by Sir Martin Gilbert (z"l)  
It could be said that rather than writing this affecting and effective book, Litvin sculpted it. Her breezy but vital narrative provides the shape and overall historical context for her family’s story, but her relatives are the ones doing the real work. Using the first-person accounts of her parents, an aunt, an uncle and a friend of the family, the author offers a nuanced and multifaceted look at the plight of Jews in mid-20th century Eastern Europe.
From a small Angora farm in Satu-Mare, Romania, to the horrifying grounds of Auschwitz and finally, to a new life in America, the five distinct voices of Edith, Hilda, and Mendi Festinger, Nate Litvin and Kurt Meyers provide a powerful and intimate journey through one of mankind’s darkest hours. Litvin does well not to mute her sources with an authoritative filter. The book’s undeniable authenticity comes from the life events retold by each narrator–while most historical texts offer one individual’s take, We Never Lost Hope presents five survivors working through their memories.
Litvin augmented the book with photographs, news articles and other ephemera (telegrams, maps, etc.) that support the sense of intimacy and reality. Since some accounts can occasionally run long, it may have been helpful for Litvin to provide more editorial insight and direction. Still, the book is a soaring testament to the strength and adaptability of five remarkable people.

The Masada Faktor

Award winning for Fiction. This Mediterranean Noir is set in modern day Israel, 2014, before and during the Gaza War, Natasha Bernard has immigrated to the Holy Land.
Natasha goes in search of answers to a mystery revealed to her by her mother, on her death bed, which involves the survival of Israel. Seventy years after the end of World War II a plot is set to destroy the Jews to mimic the disaster of Masada.
The Masada Faktor was conceived by Hitler in his last days. While in Israel, the Gaza War breaks out, complicating Natasha’s new life.
Beneath A Stormy Cloud: Moving On Without Her

Naomi and Edith

The stinging reality of the effects of the Holocaust on the second generation is illustrated 
as Naomi Litvin attempts reorientation to the world at large after losing her mother, a  
Romanian Holocaust survivor. In her second book, Beneath A Stormy Cloud: Moving 
On Without Her, Naomi Litvin knits a jigsaw puzzle-like anthology of her mother’s 
poetry with her own juxtaposing responses. Within these pages Naomi’s thought 
provoking commentary is a deeply personal struggle with her grief. Edith was her 
mentor, heroine, and best friend. Mother and daughter share the stage in this creative, 
special slice of history. 

#NnamdiKanu in court Nov8 in Nigeria: life/death drama rivals US Election Day #Biafra

While the world goes crazy with the conspiracy and gossip issues swirling in the vortex of the United States election on November 8, 2016 there is another, lesser known issue on the same day but of the utmost importance to millions of Biafran people in the African country of "Nigeria" known by insiders as the "Zoo."

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra #IPOB Nnamdi Kanu has been held in Kuje Prison in dismal conditions in Abuja, Nigeria for more than a year despite orders from the courts to free him. Kanu is a British and Nigerian dual citizen and the founder of Radio Biafra of London. Listen to Radio Biafra Live on ipob (scroll down, look on right side for widget.)

Dearborn then and now; the negative result of excluding Jews from living in Dearborn, Michigan

Why the feigned shock at the demographics of Dearborn, Michigan?

The Muslim takeover of Dearborn, Michigan was paved way back when Henry Ford had his Judenrein (Jew-free) factories and most neighborhoods wouldn't rent apartments or sell homes to Jews. Good old Henry couldn't just quietly hate Jews, he established his newspaper The Ford International Weekly and The International Jew, a four volume set of blood libel booklets against the Jewish people, published and distributed in the early 1920s. This work expounded on The International Jew: The World's ProblemTo foment and teach the good old Michiganders who were of pure Christian blood that the filthy Jews weren't needed or wanted became Henry's obsession. Henry Ford was the first international contributor to Adolph Hitler and certainly a collaborator in the Nazi machine.  Ford created the lie that there was a Jewish conspiracy to control the world. He fed it with the fertilizer of hatred to propagate his own sick conspiracy. Yes, Henry Ford was greatly admired by Adolph Hitler. The mutual attraction between Ford and Hitler's Nazism continued until Ford's death. 

An article written January 10, 2010 by Bare Naked Islam asking why there are so many Muslims in 'Dearbornistan" is a good show and tell; it also proves that I am not the only person to come up with the connection between Henry Ford's Dearborn, and the Dearbornistan of today: An area that excludes Jews and welcomes Nazis and their sympathizers. 

The pundits talk about vacuums created and then utilized by ISIS and other Islamic Barbarians when United States Military withdrew from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other similar situations in the Middle East. I believe that in Dearborn, Michigan there also was a vacuum created... by Henry Ford. Perhaps if there were thriving Jewish communities that had been allowed to flourish in Dearborn, Michigan a more equitable balance of diversity would be thriving there.

The terrifying rise of Nazis on Twitter

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We all know that Nazi parties exist worldwide. We see reports of far-right Nazi parties rising in Europe in reaction to Muslim immigration. Actually these parties are not new; and some are sheltered left-over Nazis from World War II. Now they've become so popular in some countries that more than one party, as in Austria, compete for Nazi members and merge for maximum efficacy. I counted sixty-five Nazi parties worldwide on a Wikipedia article that included the American Nazi Party.

But my point today is that Twitter has become a huge platform for Nazi activity and many of them partly hide their purpose by tweeting other news as they slip in hatred of Jews and other minorities. Twitter, by allowing their existence, is enabling them.
"On Twitter, ISIS’s preferred social platform, American white nationalist movements have seen their followers grow by more than 600% since 2012..."
Occasionally a Nazi will overtly tweet to me, like this, as they operate with impunity on Twitter.

And I've reported to Twitter with no relief. Will I continue to report Nazis to Twitter? No, why bother. 

Nazis on Twitter use US Presidential candidate Donald Trump hashtags as a smokescreen to garner retweets and those quick to RT without reading who created the original tweet, give support to Nazi groups. The other day I noticed that a friend had retweeted something that I looked at further. I found that the original tweeter's account had tweeted many times about Jews owning the media and other blood libel against my people. Those who had RTd the Nazi were perfectly upstanding Twitter members. We are all guilty of having a quick finger to retweet and all is forgiven if you go back and delete what inadvertently happened. No biggie.
Interestingly no one involved but me realized they had linked to a Nazi. But @whittmann1948 who wrote the originating tweet IS a Nazi. In a fascinating development a long-time Twitter friend @_matilda_ then tweeted evidence that @whittman1948 is indeed a Nazi.
At first I didn't understand what Matilda meant. Then it began to become clear. The Nazis have a coded, secret language to get around laws in Germany that prohibit the use of the swastika and support for Nazi ideology (At the end of this blog the entire language code in English is provided, which Matilda has furnished to me.) Then this:
I asked Matilda to contribute a statement to this article and she kindly did.
"My Statement is that I'm really unhappy and disappointed or even angry about the situation in Germany, Europe and America. In the last 20-30 yrs, Nazi-groups and extreme-right-wing-parties are on the rise and it seems nothing and nobody can stop them. My opinion is that the German Government is not innocent in that case. They are not willing or able to close down the original Nazi-Party NSDAP, the name changed later to National Democratic Party of Germany so they sound more 'democratic.' Since decades, different kinds of Anti-fascist-Organisations (The Wiesenthal Foundation is one of them, and diverse other groups which are against Nazis and Neo-Nazis), are trying to get the German Government to forbid the main and mother-party NPD, because since the early 90's many splinter-groups and second, third parties were funded with original members of the old NPD Party. The German Government organized diverse actions against those groups, like underground and civil police and the German secret service BND and BfV (der Bundesamtes fĂźr Verfassungsschutz) but sadly the results were unsuccessful. I'm talking mostly about Germany because for many years there were meetings in Germany organized by the NPD for David Irving and his American friends including David Duke. After they did get banned from Germany, later Austria, and a few more European Countries. So they did meet up in other countries like South Africa before David Irving got banned and in America many times. And those meetings are well visited by young people - the future Nazis in the making, it's an endless chain. It seems they will never die out."
I am grateful to Matilda for her contribution to this article and for pointing out that Germany is not innocent in this matter, not doing enough to police these groups.

After my mother was liberated from Nazi captivity, and because she was a Jewish survivor who spoke seven languages, she had the opportunity to became a denazifier, an interrogator working for UNRA. Unfortunately many got through the process and lived to fight another Nazi era, thanks to the USA government and cunning Nazis able to slip through. My mother did her best but as smart as she was, there were limits as to what she was up against.
Edith Festinger, UNRA Interrogator for DeNazify Project


In response to the Islamic government of Nigeria posting a most wanted list of Biafrans that includes Mrs. Nnamdi Kanu, Indigenous Leader of Biafra's wife, I have posted the twenty most wanted war criminals on Biafra's list. These ruthless, dangerous men remind us of The Top 10 Most Wanted Nazi War Criminals. The Nigerian War Criminals have much blood on their hands as reported by U.S. Congressman Tom Marino in a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry recently visited with Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari and more chaos against the people of Biafra Land has been unleashed since then, bringing impending civil war closer. Follow me on twitter @nlitvin for all the latest, including the most recent death threats against Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje Prison in Abuja, Nigeria on September 5 which caused chaos for about twelve hours online. *added war criminals 8/12/2017 


Exclusive: Conversations With Naomi: Israel Rising's David Mark

David Mark  [Dawid ben Eliyahu]
Founder & Chief Editor
Israel Rising
It is an honor to publish my Conversation with David Mark and shine a light on the great work he is doing through Israel Rising and Israel Africa Hub. If you look at David's work and ideals, you can see how this new generation of Israeli thinks and works to enable Israel to be the best in the new world order that is emerging. 

Naomi:  What is the purpose of Israel Rising? What is your mission; what do you want to achieve as an organization? How do you prioritize your goals?

David Mark: Israel Rising is an alternative right wing online magazine.  I have believed for a while that Israel’s rights to all of its ancestral lands, which includes Judea and Samaria has been dismissed because the right has often sided with Western nations, who have followed a neo-colonialist agenda. The Right in Israel is not neoconservative in the slightest and is very multifaceted.  The fact that many of its leaders have sided with the American right due to expediency does not reflect the deep ideological divide that exists there.  

Our biggest priority at Israel Rising is creating a new Right-Left Paradigm in relation to Israel’s connection with its own land and placing this in its rightful context. I have always been a proponent of charting our own course, one which is specifically separate from those countries that have often times been our biggest abusers.  We are an ancient people unduly ripped from our homeland and justice dictates we have a lawful right to all of it. Given this outlook, an Israeli nationalist should find himself far more connected to the plight of Biafra, Native American rights, Indian Nationalism, etc. rather than adopting a Western orientation.

This is why we emphasize a united Israel agenda as well as pushing for lasting partnerships with African and Eastern countries.

Naomi: Would you please define anousim and crypto Jews in the context of your interest and organization for our audience?

David Mark: Anousim are clearly Jews of Spanish and Portuguese origin that fled the Inquisition and are now awakening to the fact that they are actually Jewish or have Jewish ancestry.  There are at least 25 million of them.  Some experts say 100 million. Not all are Halachic Jews, but many are; with many more sharing ancestry.

In terms of Crypto Jews, I use that term a bit more loosely when it comes to Jewish or Israelite communities that share many traditions with normative Torah Jews, but these communities became lost or disconnected.  With the advent of the Internet, coupled with the rise of Israel as real power, these communities are awakening and seeking a real return to their roots.

Naomi:  Can you explain the concept of Global Israel that I heard you speak of with on your podcast with Rabbi Harry Rozenberg? Can it become a reality or is it just an idea?

David Mark: There is a Midrash that says at the end of time the Land of Israel will spread throughout the world. This is not fairy tale stuff.  Wherever an Israelite is he or she can activate what is called in Kabbalah, their nekudat Tzion or point of Zion.  I am not talking about the State here, but rather a consciousness.  With the Internet a true consciousness like I am talking about is possible. The State of Israel can certainly facilitate this, but in reality it doesn’t need to.  We can and we will.  None of what we read in the Bible or Midrash is hokey pokey, but rather coded blueprints for us to implement in order to create a better for perfect world.

So yes, it is possible and really it is happening now.  Whether it is Rabbi Harry’s iTribe or much of our own network through Israel Rising or our sites like Israel Africa Hub people are waking up to something much bigger than becoming an Israeli citizen. Israelite traditions and our approach to the world are becoming the basis for many communities around the world.  In many ways these ordinances that we are all striving to live by is an alternate form of governance, free of boundaries and yet striving to create the ultimate global community.

Naomi: Regarding the self-determination of Biafra; do you think they are ready to self-govern? Do you believe they have any monetary funds behind them?

David Mark: They certainly have the potential to have the monetary funds.  The Igbo people in diaspora are some of the most wealthiest cultural groups in the world. Money is not the issue. IPOB is also very organized, so if there was to be a Biafra they could certainly govern themselves.  The only question is will.

Enugu Massacre: KC Reports from Biafra: Conversations with Naomi

An email arrived this morning from my friend KC of Biafraland in the South East of Nigeria. In a previous interview, Conversations with Naomi: My Biafran Friend we were able to "peek into a Biafran's frame of mind at this critical juncture when Biafra seeks to secede from Nigeria.."

Today's email from KC to Naomi
April 26, 2016
Good Day Madam, Have you seen this news?

Armed Fulani-herdsmen
Fulani herdsman
KC: The Fulani herdsmen are the same people that have been causing mayhem in all parts of Nigeria and has now gone to our land to burn churches and kill our people with no arrest at all!

These are Buhari blood relations because he's Fulani too and Fulani herdsmen are the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world but not one is arrested, they kill and go free!
Someone claimed on twitter that yesterday as the attack was going on in our land the governor of Enugu state in Biafraland placed a call to the president but no reply from him. The police couldn't even stop the herdsmen from killing our people because they are answerable to Inspector General of Police and the president, not the state Governor!

Personally I have written off Nigeria! To me it doesn't exist again and I think the only option now is to fight for survival because Buhari and his brothers are out to Islamize our people and take our lands by at all cost!

Naomi: KC, I would like to ask a few important questions. First of all, how organized is IPOB?

KC: As you know, IPOB stands for Indigenous People of Biafra, the owners of the Biafraland and its resources. We have a well organized hierarchy. As you know, our leader Nnamdi Kanu is currently in detention but our Deputy Director Uche Mefor doubles as the Director of Radio Biafra and the Director of IPOB in the absence of our Leader Nnamdi Kanu.

Naomi:  Is there anything in place for self-defense?

Breaking: A Biafran inside Nigeria's Military - "Conversation With Naomi"

Image result for biafra military
In the beginning my interest in Biafra, then the emerging Biafran history originating as Jewish people from the Land of Israel, along with new friendships have led me to a place which feels holy. I have been contacted by Biafrans with stories to tell. It is different speaking with a person on the ground that is in the fray rather than reading a history book or a current articleIt is my great honor to be able to publish these Biafran stories.

It is important to convey how Islamists are taking over every part of the world and how the Igbo Biafran people are coping, trying to stop history from repeating itself when millions of Biafrans were slaughtered or starved to death between 1966-1970.

The following Conversations With Naomi is an interview with a Biafran man who is now serving in the Nigerian military. 

Naomi: Thank you for joining me. Please tell me how you were raised, something from your childhood that made you realize your heritage as Biafran. 

Anonymous: When I was a child, I think that should be in my eighth year, my father told me how my people were living in peace and harmony, then how everyone surrendered our people; how the British with trade and Christianity enslaved my people. With that and to start they began to colonize us. They noticed that the Northerners, the Hausas and Westerners, and Southwestern Yorubas, and with the little that they had, saw and then knew that we Biafrans are industrious, hardworking, creative, and blessed with many natural resources. So the British then decided to merge us together as One Nigeria without any consultation between the parties if we really wanted to be put together. But they did nothing of such, rather they forced us into this unholy marriage, with the people who did not share beliefs. In fact our beliefs are very different.

Our cultures, language, character, religious and other ways of life; we share nothing in common with those people, nothing at all. And that has been the beginning of my Biafran people's problem after the British left Nigeria and joined us for one hundred years of an unholy marriage.

And the British handed over the power to the Northerners because they are the people who accommodated the British when they were chased away from Nigeria after the 1951 conference at Ibadan Oyo state; when Easterner and some Westerners disgraced them in the Conference.

Immediately the power got into the hands of Hausas and they started treating us badly, eating resources that is our Biafra Land. They divided us as brothers: South East and South South. That's divide and rule and brothers started seeing themselves as enemies. While they are busy milking our people and our resources they tagged us as a minority in our own land! Can you imagine that?

Naomi: Yes, that is terrible. You told me previously that you are in the military. How is it that you, as a Biafran are in the Nigerian military?  Are you able to safely speak about it?

Conversations with Naomi: My Biafran Friend

The following conversation with KC from Biafra land is brought to you in the hope of educating the world on the plight of the Igbo people who want to be free of Nigeria. I am doing what I can so that history does not repeat itself and cause another genocide in Biafra as in 1966-1970 during the civil war. KC has kindly consented to allowing us a peek into a Biafran's frame of mind at this critical juncture when Biafra seeks to secede from Nigeria. I highly admire the self determination of the Biafrans.

Naomi: Shalom KC! Welcome to 'Conversations With Naomi.' 
KC: Good day Madam. I most commend you for having to make a report out of our little conversations. I'd be very grateful if the world learns about Biafran's plight through you.

Naomi: It is my pleasure, KC, and I am so very honored that you are taking the time to speak with me. I have a few questions for you, both about the current situation in Biafra and about your way of life. Is it true that Biafrans serve in the Nigerian military?
KC: Yes some Biafrans serve in the Nigerian army but the present government have made it a point of duty to declare war on those officers. Some sources say that the gallant Biafran soldiers and Christian soldiers alike are taken to the war fronts during their battles with Boko Haram members and they make sure all those Biafrans and Christians are killed.  
Last year Nigerian News sources confirmed that about 105 military men were ambushed and killed by the Boko Haram members but we believe that those military men that were killed were actually set up by their fellow officers in the Nigerian Army. Reason being the Army headquarters in Abuja Nigeria denied that they weren't missing but I have a leaked photo of the dead officers*. (*Naomi: I wasn't able to save the photos on my computer but I can tell you they are very gruesome)
The Nigerian army top ranking offices are mostly core Northern Muslims so they conform to the government in power which are mostly core Northern Muslims. Once around 2012 the present governor of Kaduna State Nigeria Mallam Nasiru El-Rufi made a public threat on twitter.  And I quote "that any one soldier or civilian who kills a Fulani Man takes a loan payable one day no matter how long it takes"
This threat is coming to pass now because most of the gallant military men fighting Boko Haram are from the South- Biafrans and Yorubas and the military now sabotage them making sure they kill them for fighting against their Islamic fundamentalists during the tenure of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the Christian president who handed Nigeria to the present Muslim president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. 
We are actually in a big mess herein but we will survive. 
Naomi: Do you believe there can be a peaceful way for Biafra to gain independence from Nigeria?
KC: Firstly, we are a very peaceful people and we seek and make peace wherever we find ourselves. Take for example the leader of IPOB- Indigenous People of Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu has been in prison custody since October 15, 2015. His only crime is that he is seeking for the United Nation mandate on self-determination for a unique people, in essence Biafrans in Biafra land and he also operates a radio station-- Radio Biafra in London where he resides. He is also a British and Nigerian citizen.  
We have continued to call on the United Nations, United States, the European Union, and all world powers to assist in a peaceful referendum and to determine the genuineness, importance and urgency of our struggle for freedom from Nigeria. Nigeria simply means Niger area or an area of land around the river Niger.  
The three nations found in Nigeria- the Arewas--mostly the Muslim Northerners, the Oduduwas -- Westerners composed of Muslims, animists, Christians, and the Biafrans-- in East of The Niger, who are 99% Christians and 1% animists. Three of us are heavily heterogeneous; we don't have any thing in common, no history of having been together before the coming of the British and after they joined us in one country, the remaining two became envious about the Biafrans and started killing us.  
Actually the British literally handed over power to the Arewa Muslims so that they could control Nigeria from London, use them to suppress and kill us, the Biafrans. This was exactly what happened during the Biafra -Nigeria civil war. The British gave Nigeria arms; annihilated us from the face of the earth. But being a resilient people we fought three years before running out of food and arms. The Northern Muslims are actually the least literate of the three nations. 

Biafra: A People Betrayed by Kurt Vonnegut #FreeNnamdiKanu

Biafra: A People Betrayed

by Kurt Vonnegut

THERE is a "Kingdom of Biafra" on some old maps which were made by early white explorers of the west coast of Africa. Nobody is now sure what that kingdom was, what its laws and arts and tools were like. No tales survive of the kings and queens.
As for the "Republic of Biafra" we know a great deal. It was a nation with more citizens than Ireland and Norway combined. It proclaimed itself an independent republic on May 30, 1967. On January 17 of 1970, it surrendered unconditionally to Nigeria, the nation from which it had tried to secede. It had few friends in this world, and among its active enemies were Russia and Great Britain. Its enemies were pleased to call it a "tribe."
Some tribe.
The Biafrans were mainly Christians and they spoke English melodiously, and their economy was this one: small-town free enterprise. The worthless Biafran currency was gravely honored to the end.
The tune of Biafra's national anthem was Finlandia, by Jan Sibelius. The equatorial Biafrans admired the arctic Finns because the Finns won and kept their freedom in spite of ghastly odds.
Biafra lost its freedom, of course, and I was in the middle of it as all its fronts were collapsing. I flew in from Gabon on the night of January 3, with bags of corn, beans, and powdered milk, aboard a blacked out DC6 chartered by Caritas, the Roman Catholic relief organization. I flew out six nights later on an empty DC4 chartered by the French Red Cross. It was the last plane to leave Biafra that was not fired upon.

On this Valentines Day I give my heart to Biafra

Biafra Flag
It happened out of the blue. My heart fell in love with the people of Biafra. I’d started to see new images of mass slaughter and reports of starving children. Not Syria this time, but in Nigeria. I didn't know Biafrans are Christian. Quickly getting up to speed in the middle of the night, I realized that this was the same Biafra that I remembered from the 1960's through 1970 when 3.5 million Biafran innocents were massacred through starvation and butchery. 

After 1970, the Igbo of Biafra, who consider themselves a nation, were unsuccessful in their bid for freedom against a superior Nigerian army, and forced to surrender to Nigeria. Over two million children starved to death. Photos of the children's bloated stomachs and the horrific genocide were reminiscent of the Holocaust of World War II. And now we are inured to these graphics. They don't affect us anymore. 
Biafra 1967

Here we are in 2016. Add in Boko Haram, the Islamist barbarians and shockingly an Islamist President brought to power by David Axelrod, United States President Barack H. Obama's consultant. Yes, Axelrod has a consultant company which allowed a comeback for Islamist Muhammadu Buhari from obscurity. And Obama has embraced Buhari the Islamist, and invited him to Washington.

“In the absence of international support or remedy, Biafran patriots have no choice but to mobilize for self-defense or face extermination. The Nigerian government has transferred battled hardened Muslim troops from the Boko Haram front to Biafra with shoot to kill orders. There has also been increased activity by the Nigerian Department of State Security,” OEAS said.

The owner of BiafraRadio Station is Nnamdi Kanu. He is the leader of the movement for the secession of Biafra from Nigeria.  Kanu is also the director of London-based Radio Biafra, which he founded in 2009 with the help of members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (Massob). Kanu says the station, which the Nigerian government deemed illegal, aims to "bring hope, enlightenment and knowledge to our people." Kanu is being held in Nigerian prison for treason.It seems that the Biafrans want their freedom and have gone as far as telling Nigeria that they can have their oil in exchange for their freedom.

Meanwhile the world is silent. The collective narcissism of the world's powers ignore this genocide. People are dying, beingslaughtered. And the beat goes on. 
Does anyone have a heart?