Friday, October 2, 2015

We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story: #FREE FOR 5 DAYS Oct 3-7, 2015: Foreword by the late Sir Martin Gilbert

Naomi Litvin
Four and a half years ago the life of Edith Festinger Litvin ended in the physical world. She lives on in me and in the book that we wrote together. Her birthday is in a few days and I am taking this opportunity to share her story with the world. In honor of my mother's birthday We Never Lost Hope is #Free on #Kindle for five days on Amazon. All I ask of you is to remember that she was one of millions who suffered under the Nazis and lost her loved ones to those who continue to attempt destruction of the Jewish people. We continue to bury our beloved people murdered by those who hate us. At the same time we become stronger in our mission to preserve and defend Israel, our homeland.                                  

Author Naomi Litvin recreates her parents' incredible love story in the powerful memoir, We Never Lost Hope. Litvin, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and an American Jewish GI who landed at Normandy, lets her family members reveal the stories of their lives before, during, and after the Holocaust. Told in five indelible voices, the book gives a you-are-there punch and a moving immediacy. Lovely and haunting, We Never Lost Hope is a reminder that genocide can happen anywhere, and that we all must be vigilant against the forces of hatred.

"Naomi Litvin leaves all students of the Holocaust in her debt...every memoir adds to our knowledge, both of what happened, and of the emotions and feelings of that terrible era, and this memoir is no exception: it calls out to be read." --Sir Martin Gilbert, Winston Churchill's official biographer, a leading historian, and author of eighty-one books.


Five relatives narrate their harrowing World War II experiences in this family chronicle.
It could be said that rather than writing this affecting and effective book, Litvin sculpted it. Her breezy but vital narrative provides the shape and overall historical context for her family's story, but her relatives are the ones doing the real work. Using the first-person accounts of her parents, an aunt, an uncle and a friend of the family, the author offers a nuanced and multifaceted look at the plight of Jews in mid-20th century Eastern Europe. From a small Angora farm in Satu-Mare, Romania, to the horrifying grounds of Auschwitz and finally, to a new life in America, the five distinct voices of Edith, Hilda, and Mendi Festinger, Nate Litvin and Kurt Meyers provide a powerful and intimate journey through one of mankind's darkest hours. Litvin does well not to mute her sources with an authoritative filter. The book's undeniable authenticity comes from the life events retold by each narrator--while most historical texts offer one individual's take, We Never Lost Hope presents five survivors working through their memories. Litvin augmented the book with photographs, news articles and other ephemera (telegrams, maps, etc.) that support the sense of intimacy and reality. Since some accounts can occasionally run long, it may have been helpful for Litvin to provide more editorial insight and direction. Still, the book is a soaring testament to the strength and adaptability of five remarkable people. A wonderfully executed, powerful family chronicle. --Kirkus Discoveries 2/13/09

Book trailer by Naomi Litvin