Saturday, October 10, 2015

currents of terror in Israel and walls closing in

As a child I had a terrible fear that I'd be caught in a room that had walls which began to close in on me. I know I saw it in a movie which ignited the dry flammable tinder of my imagination. This is
what it feels like now when I think about Israel, every waking moment and in much of my dreams.
Naomi Litvin, as a child

Luckily there is the Mediterranean Sea on the western border of the Holy Land and a strong Israeli Navy. The areas with the most dangers to ordinary citizens are queued up within our borders and outside with terrorists ready for murder and mayhem against us. 'Ordinary citizens' is oxymoronish when speaking about Israelis, as when in Israel we are all part of Israel's defense.
Moshe Ya'Alon
Now Mr. Ya'Alon, Minister of Defense has joined  Mayor Barkat of Jerusalem beseeching those with legal guns to carry and be prepared to defend as concurrently the Iron Dome has been deployed in Southern Israel.
Nir Barkat

When Israeli's get to this point we begin to make loud demands of our government. Protests have begun urging Netanyahu to quell the murderous crime spree and bring back law and order. Bibi said that there is no "quick fix to the problem." Palestinians are behaving like rabid dogs and making life miserable for everyone.

Today the news that Palestinian women are joining the trouble making hit the blogosphere.

Mainstream media continues to blame the "unrest" on disputes over the Temple Mount. I disagree. This is not what I see that is going on here. The PA and Hamas foment and propagandize the information which convinces the killers to act out. It's like they push the buttons to let all their hell loose. And of course they reward the families of the terrorists.

The other quotient involved here is the Iran Deal. I agree with Bibi that Tehran fuels unrest which has emboldened Hamas and all the other bad actors that are in bed with them.

Jews are only allowed to visit, not pray at the Temple Mount and only in small groups. This enrages the Arabs who do not want any Jews there at all.  They hate our guts. They don't want to share anything with Jews. What they are doing will only sabotage their existence in Israel, which is what their crazy leaders want and use for sympathy money which they continue to get from USA but use only for their mansions, greed, and weaponry. But one of these days something has to change.

We open our eyes in the morning waiting for the walls to close in just a little bit more, while we wait for Bibi Netanyahu to figure something out.