Friday, July 10, 2015

The Masada Faktor goes live!

The Masada Faktor 
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The Masada Faktor

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Authored by Naomi Litvin
Edition: 1
Set in modern day Israel, 2014, before and during the Gaza War, Natasha Bernard has immigrated to the Holy Land. Natasha goes in search of answers to a mystery revealed to her by her mother, on her death bed, which involves the survival of Israel. Seventy years after the end of World War II a plot is set to destroy the Jews to mimic the disaster of Masada. The Masada Faktor was conceived by Hitler in his last days. While in Israel, the Gaza War breaks out, complicating Natasha's new life.

self portrait July 9, 2015, between Jaffa & Bat Yam, Israel
About the author:
Naomi Litvin is a free-lance writer, author of three books, and a dual citizen of Israel and USA. Naomi earned a Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice, Magna cum Laude from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and was a participant in the Jewish Book Council's Meet the Author Program for 2009 - 2010. Her highly acclaimed family memoir We Never Lost Hope: A Holocaust Memoir and Love Story features a foreword by the late Sir Martin Gilbert.

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