Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Masada Faktor by Naomi Litvin ~ coming soon on paper & kindle

It's been a while since I have blogged as I've been finishing up the manuscript for my new book The Masada FaktorAs usual the proofreading is a beast. Two friends have volunteered to do a final proof reading and I am waiting for that. The cover is finished and I will soon upload my perfectly proofed manuscript (!) to Createspace, an Amazon company. Therefore, books will be on Amazon and in bookstores worldwide.
Look for my book launch in Jerusalem soon after publication in July!

 The Masada Faktor

Available Soon!

Israel 2014. Natasha Bernard, a new immigrant in the Holy Land is in search of answers to The Masada Faktor. Divulged to Natasha by her mother at their last goodbye, the plot is a conspiracy which involves the survival of Israel.

Like a ticking time bomb, The Masada Faktor will activate a trigger set seventy years ago by Hitler before his demise. While in Israel, the Gaza War breaks out, complicating Natasha Bernard’s new life.

Author Naomi Litvin changes course from her other two books of non-fiction in creating this Mediterranean Noir, inspired by her own Aliyah to the State of Israel during the same time period.