Friday, January 2, 2015

J STREET more of the same

As I sauntered along my tweetdeck columns today, taking a break from Shabbat preparations, I spotted a tweet: "Today feels like a great day to get into a Facebook comment argument with a Naftali Bennett fan." Always up for some conversation on the Israeli elections, I tossed out, "What's wrong with right here on twitter?" The response took me a little by surprise. Gil B. had replied: "I don't really like arguing with people I don't know or having to limit my response to 140 characters." OK, I tweeted back, come back when you learn some stuff about twitter & Naftali Bennett. I looked at Gil B.'s profile on twitter and saw that he is the Co-Chair of J Street U at UCLA. Was he spoiling for a fight or acting out a fraternity fantasy?
screenshot from twitter 01/02/2015

 Of course Gil B. has every right to decline my invitation to debate me on twitter about Naftali Bennett, the leader of the right-wing, religious, political party The Jewish Home. He's a student and I am a wizened Zionist, so I cannot blame him for heading for facebook. But it got me thinking about the  the disciples of J Street who are being told that Naftali Bennett is the enemy. Naftali is a soldier, a software entrepreneur who sold his company for $145 million, his parents are immigrants to Israel from San Francisco, he is currently the Minister of Economy, a family man, a real person. But what you are hearing from his opposition is the usual damning remarks screamed by the progressive young Americans, information fed to them by wizened Left Wingers who spend copious amounts of time joining in to delegitimize and demonize Jewish Israel. J Street and various NGOs also focus against the religious right wing parties. Stand With Us is another organization that has been concerned about J Street's Arab backing and demonization of Jewish Israel since their inception. In this linked article, 
Dr. Roberta Seid tells how J Street "frequently endorses anti-Israel, anti-Jewish narratives."

They may claim to have changed in some of their rhetoric against Israel but to me, it is just more of the same.

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  1. And here I am trying to back off on my confrontations lol

    Take 'em on, Naomi! Perhaps you can educate at least one person. (: