Friday, December 5, 2014

Jonathan Pollard hospitalized on 10,606th day in prison

Naomi Litvin reporting from Israel
This morning it was reported that Jonathan Pollard was transferred to a prison hospital. Pollard has suffered cruel and unusual punishment for thirty years for passing security intelligence information to Israel when he was employed by the United States. Israel should have been privy to this intelligence as an ally of the US and Pollard admitted that what he did was wrong even though he felt that Israel needed to see the documents for security reasons. He sincerely believed the Holy Land to be in grave existential danger. Pollard has been punished more than any other spy in similar cases.

Today, thirty years later, Pollard who had passed out in his cell was transferred to a prison ward. At this time in Israel (11:00 PM) there has been no more information released to the public regarding his condition.

No one besides conspiracy theorists and lunatics can actually think of a reason that Jonathan Pollard was denied parole last month by the parole board of the US Justice Department. That denial was reported to be "deeply flawed." A letter signed by eight senior US officials disagreed with the parole denial and implored President Barack Hussein Obama to set Jonathan Pollard free. Those officials included some who worked for the government at the time of Pollard's arrest: former CIA director James Woolsey, former Assistant US Defense Secretary Lawrence J. Korb, and former US National Security Adviser Robert C. MacFarlane.

To say that this is all about Pollard being Jewish is an understatement. While I agree that it is a large part of the equation; there is more. Can it really be that Obama still thinks Pollard is the currency needed to blackmail Israel into adapting to the behavior he desires? This manipulative, dysfunctional withholding of Pollard's life clearly illustrates Obama's sense of entitlement, control, and inability to empathize. Please see the Comprehensive Quick Update on the Pollard Case quoted below from the official website of Jonathan Pollard.

"Comprehensive Quick Update on the Pollard Case"
(from the official Jonathan Pollard dot org website)"J4JPnews - Updated July 13, 2014"Jonathan Pollard has been fighting for relief from an unjust and grossly disproportionate life sentence for 29* years The case has taken many twists and turns over that time, with many new developments and startling revelations.
Read the following brief items (listed chronologically) and immediately be up to speed on the current status of the Pollard case. Each item contains critical information and all of them together present an easy-to-read comprehensive overview of the history of the case with careful attention to factual accuracy.
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For further information and documentation, please visit the J4JP website:

*it is now 30 years