Saturday, December 13, 2014

#Free on #Kindle December 14, 2014 Beneath A Stormy Cloud: Moving On Without Her

My second book, Beneath A Story Cloud is #Free on #Kindle December 14, 2014

This book is a tribute to Edith Festinger Litvin, my mother. Overcome with grief after losing her,  I found myself reading her poetry, looking for clues in her writing that would give me the courage to go on. While writing the book I was with her again, existing only within the pages. Still searching for comfort and strength I made my way to Israel in a quest for answers as to how others were able to go on and have meaningful lives after what our people have endured. The continued blood libel against our people may never cease, but what lives on is the power of our conviction to survive in spite of it. Someone on twitter had written a blog decrying the weakness of the Jews who did not fight back against the Nazis. This enraged me, as I knew how this 'blame the victim concept' hurt my mother in the years after the war. As a friend privately pointed out to me, they certainly did fight back, but it was in prayer to Hashem, the only source of self-defense they had.

Please don't be afraid to read this book. It is not all sadness. It is just one small building block for the survival of the Jewish people.
נעמ' ואד'ת

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