Thursday, October 23, 2014

it hurts so good

1995 Ford Aspire. I am the original owner.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, a terrorist attack and tragedy in Jerusalem has emotions stirring in me. The people of Jerusalem try to cooexist with the Arabs in East Jerusalem but it doesn't work out that way. Yesterday a Hamas operative drove his vehicle into a crowded Israel Light Rail stop killing a three month old American citizen and injuring many more. A second day of violence perpetrated by Arabs in Jerusalem has now caused officials to step up security. 
I feel the silent call to arms... as I am sure all Israelis away from the Homeland feel; that urgency to return home immediately. What happened yesterday feels sickeningly familiar to when the three boys were kidnapped and murdered. And the beginning of the Operation Protective Edge, or just plain Gaza War. 
What can I do to help? I don't know. But being there feels like the only option. Hopefully I will wrap up my business soon, and get back to where I belong. 

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