Friday, August 1, 2014

Code Red Israel

Trying to think of something to blog from Israel that has not already been addressed in the media or by other bloggers is difficult. As I ponder this, I keep being drawn back into the news of minute by minute updates from the IDF Spokesperson on twitter. I shudder to think what the next news will be. Today Hamas used the humanitarian ceasefire to kidnap an IDF soldier via a tunnel using a homicide bomber who blew himself to bits and took the lives of two other of our precious IDF soldiers.

And also heavy on my mind is the question of how I can help the effort here in Israel. I have been posting IDF updates and breaking Israeli news to Facebook from twitter to enable Americans to see what the world media is not showing or showing in slanted versions. It doesn't feel like it is enough. I am sure all Israeli civilians feel the same. It is a helpless feeling. Meanwhile many are trying to help by bringing food and personal items to the soldiers, but the IDF has strict rules on what can be accepted. It is possible that I may volunteer for Sar-El in the near future.

Some conversations that I have had, with Israelis and with Americans, seem to include "who is more affected and who is not affected" by the war. What is this, a contest? I don't think so. I think we are all profoundly affected by this war. Measuring these effects by mileage or Iron Dome success or body count undermines our struggle to defeat the evil entity Hamas. All that matters now is to back Israel's mission to demilitarize Gaza and destroy the tunnels.

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