Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jews are subhuman, says South African Nazi

Naomi Litvin, self portrait
As many of you know, I am living in Israel now. This morning I woke up and checked my email.  A good morning to you, you subhuman Jew greeted me. The email was an alert to the comment by Johannesburg, Gauteng, South African  "bob mcdonald" below, and refers to a blog I posted four years ago. The gist of the subject was about the advantage of relocating the Jews to Israel so that we could all be destroyed in one fell swoop. Now that I live in Israel, as an Israeli citizen, this gave me something to think about today as I continued to shop for furnishings for my new apartment in the Homeland.

Thank G-d the Israel Defense Forces are here to protect me. But wait! Good ole bob mcdonald says that his god will destroy us. But bob, we are the chosen people, and you are just a stinking nazi!

The original email trail from South African racists was passed to me from a friend in 2009. I have continued to get hits on this posting but haven't had any comments lately. Who would have thought that this story would still have legs after all this time? But the simple truth is that this hatred never goes away. Scapegoating the Jews, is as old as Father Time and continues, as the comment below proves.

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EXCLUSIVE SHOCKER: anti-Jewish email from South African racist published here

"I really like the idea of all jews going to Israel ,especially since they say that god will destroy that hole , with the long history of child sacrifice ,blood letting , rape and torture ,they surely must rate as the most subhuman people all time .the Holocaust was a great lie ,for which the jews received much pity ,well I pity the jews for being the people they are ,and I can not wait for god to help free humanity and destroy Israel with all jews on board"

Posted by bob mcdonald to Naomi Litvin נעמי ליטבין at April 12, 2014 at 1:25 PM*

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