Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jerusalem: Potato bread and non-existent riots on Passover

Naomi Litvin - Kotel April 17, 2014
photo by Vicki Moliver Schwartz
I am in Jerusalem and I can't get over that everyone in the restaurants and cafes are eating bread and pastries on Passover, made out of POTATOES. Just doesn't seem right. If you want matzoh you have to ask for it.

By the way all the reports of continued riots at the Temple Mount are simply a LIE. Of course police limit visitors to Muslims and Christians as "No Jews are allowed." All I saw was mobs of tourists doing the Jerusalem Disneyland thing and the Cohenim doing their priestly blessings by making one of their three foot festivals (Pesach, Shavuot, Pesach). In honor of the foot festival, Vicki Moliver Schwartz, my first cousin once removed and I went shoe shopping....

Vicki and Naomi
dinner in Emek Refayim
photo by Andrew Schwartz