Wednesday, March 26, 2014

my first week as an Israeli citizen

נעמי ליטבין self portrait, Haifa Israel 3/26/14
This is day seven in my life as an Israeli citizen. Please forgive me for not blogging sooner. I have had so much to say, yet found myself tongue tied. Navigating a new country has been wild. Thanks to the kindness of strangers in a strange land, it has been the most sweetest of strangeness ever. I am encouraged by the people who have helped me. Only in Israel can you take a bus ride, begin a relationship with a person sitting next to you, attain heights of friendship in a millisecond, and then say goodbye in a matter of minutes. One beautiful young red haired girl said, "Haifa is a small world, we will see each other again!"
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As for learning conversational Hebrew (I'm only good as a reader of print and cursive; and able to write phonetically) I had wanted to postpone jumping into that until after I'd gotten out of my temporary digs. But after this week, I absolutely do not want to delay being able to communicate with anyone in this vibrant society. After all, how else can I actually become a part of this? No Anglo ghetto for this gal. So today, after meeting yesterday with my Nefesh B' Nefesh Haifa guru, Smadar Stoller Porat, who arranged for me to have a meeting at a Jewish Agency Ulpan, I am beginning the 5-5-5 on Monday! "What the heck is the 5-5-5," you say? It is 5 days per week, 5 hours per day, 5 months of Hebrew. Wish me luck!
Today after a scrumptious lunch in Carmel Center of smoked salmon, feta cheese, tomato, and spring onions on whole wheat, multi seeded hearth baked focaccia bread, and a fabulous salad, all washed down by my new addiction, Coke Zero in a bottle, I serendipitously walked right into two tall dark and handsome guys with cameras and a microphone. They spoke to me in Hebrew of course.
Me: I only speak English!
Guys: Great! (in English) We want to know who you think the next President of Israel should be?
Me: Netanyahu.
Guys: But Netanyahu is the Prime Minister.
Me: I know that!
Guys: Then why do you say that?
Me: Well, Netanyahu may lose his position soon, so he will need a job!
Guys: Then who do you think should be the Prime Minister?
Me: That guy who insulted Obama!
Guys: Ya'Alon!
Me: Yes! Ya'Alon!
Guys: Thank you very much!
Me: You're welcome. By the way, I am a new Israeli citizen and I am studying up on the politics.
Don't ask me what channel they were from. I have no idea! Just let me know if you see me on TV!

Near the Bahai Gardens, Haifa, Israel. Photo by Naomi Litvin