Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rabbi Yehuda Y Steinberg's new book has arrived! "Glimpses of Light..."

While I was writing my last book, Beneath A Stormy Cloud: Moving On Without Her, I happened upon the Kindle version of a book by Rabbi Yehuda Y. Steinberg called Tears of Hope, Seeds of Redemption. To me, when a book is found that has a healing force, and speaks to me, especially in a time when my soul is searching for comfort, it is a profound experience. Rabbi Steinberg was kind and generous to allow me to quote passages in my book and also offered an insight into what I was attempting to convey to my readers. I won't go into details of that insight, as this posting is about Rabbi Steinberg's writing, not mine. His new book Glimpses of Light, Revealing the Constant Hashgachah Pratis in Megillas Esther and in Our Daily Lives, has arrived on my doorstep, and I have begun to read it, as I am packing up to make Aliyah. I have no doubt that reading this will be another profound experience for me. 
Glimpses of Light, Revealing the Constant Hashgachah Pratis in Megillas Esther and in Our Daily Lives
Judaica World
via Judaica World
"The oppressed Jewish nation faces complete annihilation, but is miraculously saved by an unexpected series of natural events. Was the chain of changes a string of natural coincidences and events, or was it a medley of masterfully orchestrated miracles? Is the Purim story a one-time occurrence? Or is there a deeper, timeless message hidden within this ancient account?
In Glimpses of Light, Rabbi Yehudah Steinberg, delves into Megillas Esther and extracts the underlying messages hidden in the seemingly straightforward Purim story. Presenting the words of Chazal, midrashim, parables, and anecdotes in a lucid fashion, the author brings home the profound relevance of the Megillah's lessons for us, even today, so that we can truly appreciate the concept of hashgachah pratis and discover a fresh inspiration for trust in Hashem.
An invaluable sourcebook for rabbis, educators, and laymen alike, this enlightening and inspiring book is vital for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Megillas Esther and a more meaningful Purim experience."
Rabbi Yehuda Steinberg is a product of the Yeshivahs of Gateshead, England, and Be'er Yaakov, Eretz Yisrael. He is the author of the popular books Harvest of Kindness on Megillas Rus and Tears of Hope, Seeds of Redemption on Megillas Eichah. Glimpses of Light is the third of a projected five-volume series on the Megillos. He is also the author of Kavei El Hashem (Hebrew) on bitachon. Rabbi Steinberg resides in England with his family where he is the Rosh HaKollel of Kollel Zichron Nosson Tzvi and a popular and sought-after speaker.