A quick trip to Washington DC

Preparing to move to Israel I was faced by a dilemma: what to do with my parents' archives detailing their World War II experiences. Since my father had been an American Jewish War veteran,  I sent an email to Rebecca Erbelding, curator at US Holocaust Memorial Museum asking if they would be interested in preserving and keeping my family's history. Rebecca remembered me from some years back, as I had donated a few items from my father's unearthed scrapbook when first discovering the cache. I had known that the day would come when my guardianship over these precious documents, souvenirs, and correspondence would have to be turned over to another entity to be safeguarded. Rebecca was quick to answer and tell me that of course, she would accept my donation. I decided to fly to Washington DC and hand everything over to her in person. She welcomed my decision and so I got everything together and made my way from Oakland CA to the capitol of the United States. Rebecca told me that the war bride story of my mother would be a great asset to the museum research archives, as Mom was the first war bride to come to America. For me, this trip feels like appropriate timing, visiting DC before I move to my real homeland, Israel. I am also hoping it will help me find some closure as I finish packing up my parents home. In the photo below, I am in front of the White House fence, and I am wearing a red, white, and blue crocheted hat and matching knitted scarf that was made for me by my mother, Edith Festinger Litvin, Auschwitz survivor and naturalized American citizen.

Naomi in Washington DC