Friday, October 18, 2013

Naomi Litvin reporting from Israel

A Friday in Tel Aviv

Naomi Litvin, Tel Aviv, October 18, 2013

It rained today in Tel Aviv. It started with a few sprinkles as I laid in bed willing myself to get up and try another one of the five breakfast choices that the fabulous Brown Hotel offers for their guests. Choosing The Coffee House yesterday was a tasty surprise, as the scrumptious eggs Benedict with salmon that I had wolfed down along with fresh squeezed orange juice, and of course salad, was again calling out to me! I thought I should go for another place today. The urge to go back to The Coffee House was too strong and as I dragged myself out of bed, the rain became a downpour. After a bit, the rain subsided and as I arrived at The Coffee House at 21 Rothschild Blvd, I noticed that the side door that I had entered yesterday would not open. Someone waved me around to the front, and I saw some frenzied activity going on in the restaurant. The host declared that they could not take one more customer, as the coffee machine was not working due to the rain. I asked him if they could serve everything else, and he said "Not without the coffee! I am sorry but this has come from above..." as he pointed to the sky. I said, That's fine, don't worry! I will return tomorrow! I hadn't brought the list of other restaurant choices with me. But hey, flexibility is the key to being in Israel, in my opinion.

I decided to continue down Rothschild to get a coffee to clear my head. I noticed a huge and loud demonstration taking place.

At first I was alarmed, thinking there might be some political and/or anti-Israel thing going on. But as I looked at the signs and saw that they were directly across from McDonalds, I realized they were vegans demonstrating against McDonalds serving meat! The Israeli police were there, and video taping the whole thing. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the music was good. So I went into Arcaffe next to it, ordered breakfast and sat down to enjoy the show. Here are some photos that tell the story.

view of the demonstration from my cafe
notice the cop on the left

the vegans

 they are serious vegans: here is their website
my breakfast
After breakfast I headed for charming Neve Tzedek to do some exploring. I am fascinated by this small enclave in southwestern Tel Aviv. I would love to live here. Check out some of my photos from today.

From Neve Tzedek I headed to the Florentin district where I had heard that there are affordable apartments. Many people were sitting in cafes busily rolling hand made cigarettes and smoking them very fast, with their coffee. I am not talking about old Arabs, I'm referring to all the young and beautiful Israelis. They won't be beautiful for long if they keep up this habit. Anyway, I got some nice photos here too.

do you see the typo?