Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why? Jonathan Pollard continues to languishes in prison after 10,167 Days #Obama

As I prepare for my two week vacation of fun and sun in Israel I can't help but feeling the bitter disappointment and sadness that grabs my gut every time I think of Jonathan Pollard rotting in prison. This man, for twenty-eight years, has paid over and over and over for the crime, which provided just some of the American security documents that were withheld from USA's best ally, Israel. Jonathan sought to protect Israel's men, women, and children from imminent attacks from the enemies that seek to destroy our people and our glorious home land with their evil endeavors. Just thirty or so years after the Holocaust while people were still wondering how "it" could have happened, Jonathan Pollard stepped forward to risk his freedom to prevent another Shoah. No American Presidents since then have had the guts to free Jonathan. We aren't exactly sure why. Or are we? Those who want to believe that plain and simple blood libel, hatred, scapegoatism,  and vilification of the Jewish people is not the reason, have their heads stuck in the sand, as usual.