Saturday, September 7, 2013

twitter: nazis hiding in plain sight

I am still having fun on twitter after all these years. Mostly getting news, gossip, and human interaction. Occasionally I get very annoyed with tweeters who think they are getting away with murder. Yes, I said murder. Because I believe that those who are inbred with the disease of Jew hatred, if not murdering with their bare soft hands, are as culpable as Hitler himself. This propagation of a species of Jew haters is fertilizer to the contagion which attempt to blame the Jews, of course, for the discontent and anger in the Middle East.

Their insidious propaganda, subliminally flashing signals on twitter, blame the Jews for everything, vis-a-vis gather unwitting tweeps into their web. For example the magazine Veterans Today (who has over 10,000 followers on twitter)  has nothing to do with any veterans,  and is a front for a virulent anti Jewish and anti Israel propaganda machine. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center has reported on this group. And the founder of VT seems to have quite a pishing contest going on with Abe Foxman of ADL. Here one of their "columnists" refers to Israel as a rogue state and kvetches over Israel's nuclear capabilities.

I recently happened to notice a new follower on twitter, @lifewisenews. It was a short period of time before I saw that person tweeting a stab at Israel. I make it a habit look up new followers on twitter as I believe in all kinds of self defense. Mostly an avalanche of dumb tweets and false interest in GMOs. And I am certain that this account just might be Stephen Lendman, a dufus on VT.  

(below added 10/4/2013)