Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tel Aviv or bust!

Pre Shabbat flight on El Al from JFK Dec 6-7 2012
I am writing this blog from Tel Aviv. I began this journey in San Francisco on Dec 6, 2012. Yes, I am on vacation. The trip was on, off, on! Due to the violence of rockets being fired from Gaza into the main cities of Israel, I thought my trip of a lifetime was "off." Then a ceasefire ensued. So here I am! The flight to NYC was OK, I had a window seat and got some good pics.

Then, arriving at JFK, I got a bit stressed out, as I went back and forth trying to find the El Al counter. The security for El Al was excellent, in fact, it went so well that I almost turned around and came home. The young lady asked me, "What was the reason for your trip?"  "I am on vacation," I said. "Why Tel Aviv?" she said.  "Why not?" I said. "Do you have anyone to visit?" she said.  "No, not exactly," I said. "But I have phone numbers of people to call 'in case.' " 'Just a moment," she said, as she left me standing there. "And what about your bag," she asked?  "I checked it through in San Francisco," I said. "Just a moment," she said. When she came back, she asked, "Do you speak Hebrew?" "No," I said. "But I can read it." She said, "Where did you learn that?" I said,  "Beth Tefilloth Moses, in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Look, I was with my mother for many years. She is gone now, and I need to go to Israel!" She said, "What is in your suitcase?" "Just some clothes," I said. She said, "Well, we need to be careful." "Can I go now," I said? She said: "Yes, you can go, have a good time in Israel." I was so shvittzed out I forgot to get my boarding pass, in all that mish-mash.

And the flight? It was like being in shul for 10 hours. The pre-Shabbat El Al flight is like that. The flight was an hour late taking off, because the crew got stuck in traffic.

The young, gorgeous man sleeping next to me? Let me just say this, there was no mechitzah on board.

Anyway, I am here now! AND HAVING A BLAST!!

first meal in Israel

sun set in Tel Aviv, at the beach, Dec 8, 2012

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