Sunday, October 28, 2012

Can we do anything about Nazi art at the local college?

Mount Diablo
My book is free on Kindle from today, October 28, 2012 through November 1, 2012. While I was preparing for my latest promotion, I heard from one of my brothers. My nephew attends a local community college and reports something quite disturbing. There is a poster of Hitler and his cronies wearing a variety of modern electronic devices in the entry of the library. This is a bitter reminder that although the Holocaust is in the past, there continues to be reminders and evidence that people take this era lightly, making jokes about what happened then. This college is in the suburbs, in the East Bay of San Francisco. The student population at Diablo Valley College are Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Gay, African-American, Asians or other students that Hitler would think nothing of exterminating. Does DVC think it can't happen here? I call on the college to remove it NOW!

On display at Diablo Valley College Library, Pleasant Hill, CA

I have found out who the 'artist' is. His name is Kevin Davidson. He appears to be a Crucifixion artist. There is a connection between Crucifiction art and Nazi ideology. That connection is explained in the theory of Supersessionism That theory is about the New Testament, that the entire theory of Christianity is about replacing the Jews with Christians. Jews are blamed for the crucifixion of Jesus, the ensuing blood libel and objectification of the Jews.

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