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Edith and Naomi Litvin
(*Note to DA: If you want this blog taken down, apologize and it will disappear. I know you are watching me from your proxies. I haven't used your real name because I am not as low as you are.)

Yom Kipper has come and gone. No amends have been made on the topic that I am discussing here:

Yes, I was sure I wanted to remove the interviews of David Appletree (JIDF) from my website. If you scroll down to the bottom of this article, you will see "interviewer" instead of "Naomi" because David Appletree stole these interviews and changed my name to interviewer. He then published them to an obscure website and proceeded to advertise it on twitter as his.

And while I am at it, I should explain the back story.  It begins with describing what goes through the mind of a daughter who is watching her mother die. Never mind that the mother was an Auschwitz and Krupps slave labor survivor. Edith Festinger Litvin, was my mother, best friend, and an all around fantastic companion. I was face to face with my greatest fear in life, losing the person who was the center of my existence. Since I was old enough to speak I knew what she had survived. My mission: protect her. Fast forward to her last few years, a daughter who gave everything to care for that precious thing called mother. And my blog, twitter, and promotion of a family memoir.

An online threat to my family came from posting my book trailer and led me to the JIDF. I had called around for help. Some online surfing led to David Appletree, "The JIDF." After an email to him; a quick and thoughtful response regarding the anti Semitic threat.

Much has transpired since then, including me entering into a contract with David Appletree, who I
"david appletree"
hired to launch my website. He did a good job. It was a friendship of sorts. Nice guy, polite, very good manners. I made an error in judgment. I wanted to be part of the team. I should have accepted there was no team. I made a promise never to reveal his identity. I made a fool of myself defending him.

One night I was ill, had a fever, and probably a glass of wine. I sent him an embarrassing email. Recently he threatened me with that email, to expose me as a stalker (and I had to remind him that I, too saved all of our correspondence.)

Then, as "stuff" happened in his life, and mine, including deaths on both sides, the friendship went sour. I was out of my mind with grief. I wanted, I needed a friend. I should have lowered my expectations. But I didn't. Then I started to notice disturbing things about him and his accounts on twitter. Disturbing is putting it mildly.

I decided to delete traces of him from my website. I was waiting for him to reach his bottom. Eventually he noticed that I deleted his interviews in Conversations with Naomi.  In response to my sarcastic tweets, he has trashed my book, which he never read, and posted horrible things about me and my friends, using his twitter sock puppets, and then endorsing those puppets with JIDF twitter account.

I was shocked to see that David also took my original interviews of him on "Conversations With Naomi: David Appletree" and removed my name, and republished them online.  I tried to fight back, I just wanted to set the record straight. The fight got ugly on twitter. I tried to tweet directly to him but he answered by attacking viciously with his sock puppets @TheJewess @Baleboosteh @Batya_23 - using these "alternate personalities," who are usually on auto-bot news feeds, as tools for his online histrionics. He speaks through them, like a ventriloquist, although if you listen closely, his voice is obvious. The proof that these are his sock puppets? The only proof that I have, and that anyone who knows David would attest to, is that he would NEVER allow these "women" to speak for the JIDF. He drives away anyone who comes to care for him, platonically or otherwise. He won't like this article and I don't care. This is America and free speech is my product. 

He  continues to spam and attack anyone who disagrees with him, follows or has conversations with people he "hates" or those he accuses of exposing his true identity. Oddly enough, he eggs on the ones who expose him, using the situation to scream his crazy paranoid fantasies of strangers attacking him in the suburbs. All the while soliciting donations to his defunct organization.

At one time I saw the promise of a young man whose star seemed to be shining bright. As time passed that light became more about him, less about the meaning of Israel, and so obvious in narcissistic compulsiveness that nothing about him seemed to be able to shock me further.  Until this:

I have deleted the following tweet, which I published on the day Mom died, which David Appletree saved to use against me.
@pamsiegelzarte isn’t this peculiar, considering @jidf “wasn’t there for her” during that time?#lies #manipulation twitter.com/thejewess/stat…
— Daniella (@thejewess) August 9, 2012

@batya23_ what’s worse is she dishonors her mother with her unhinged and baseless attacks. either that, or she was a fraud all along. 
* there are more aliases  


The following is an excerpt of the stolen four part original series that was part of Conversations With Naomi: David Appletree that I removed from my site. Yes, I am "Interviewer" and all of the questions were composed by me.