Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free on Kindle 8/18/12 PST

My book is free on Kindle Saturday, August 18, 2012, PST. Please download a copy. You don't need to own a kindle, the application for any computer or device is also free. All facts in the book are documented. My book is in the library of the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The foreword is by Sir Martin Gilbert who read my manuscript of five first person intertwined family stories and encouraged me to publish. I am very proud of the footnotes which are a bit difficult to read on a kindle app but in the book have interesting segways to related subjects. I wrote this book to honor my parents, extended family and all those who perished and suffered in the Holocaust. Many of my mother's family were also prisoners in Japanese camps.
review by Johnny Popescu
"...I like jazz and classical music and your book is built up as a jam session; with voices singing around a theme, adding something of their own personality, flooding memories;and then withdraw to give room to another voice who pick up the thread and goes on... it's an entirely new approach of writing. I don't like comparing but if needed, I'd say We Never Lost Hope is somewhere between Virginia Wolf's Waves and Dokotorow's Ragtime. You have that rare quality to taking the reader and simply walk him through the events, with no pathetism. I felt like you being here, in Sighet and Satu Mare and we walked along the streets and you talk to me... By the way, in Sighet there are Festingers still living. Relatives of yours? If you don't mind, I presented your book at the radio I work at..."
Johnny Popescu is a Romanian journalist  involved in writing and recovering Sighet's pre-war Jewish community. He is working on a documented history covering seven hundred years of Jewish history and culture in Romania.

book trailer by Naomi Litvin
music by Django Reinhart

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