Sunday, June 24, 2012

Supreme Court says SEIU violated the 1st Amendment in California

 Photo by Naomi Litvin

This is a follow up to my May 3, 2012 post where I wrote about my objection to mandatory union dues funding political campaigns that are not to my liking. At that time the Supreme Court of the United States was debating a ruling regarding unions that would impact all unions, not just the SEIU that controls my work place.

The other day a like minded coworker wrote an email alerting us that the Supreme Court decision had been reached:

 "Knox (fair share fee payers) vs  SEIU Supreme Court Decision in IN. SEIU lost. Read all about it. Get those non Germaine objectors and decertification petitions in. Tell everybody.  We won!!!!!  The court just now handed down their answer, 7 - 2."

Within a few minutes the union steward responded:  "So ___ (name omitted to protect coworker), you are a Steward for the rival Union? If not, why are you distributing propaganda?. As a Steward I do not try to discredit theCPPEA. In fact you can belong to both. Dirt begets Dirt!  It takes away from the important things that are happening in our office. FYI these decertification letters can only be handled annually."

A week ago I was approached at my desk during work by this same steward who remarked, "Today is Wednesday, why are you not wearing purple in support of the SEIU?" And I told her, "I am not a member of the union". She asked, "What?" And I responded, "I am a non Germaine objector." And she said, "I will remember that." 

Hey, I am not afraid of her or the union. This is America and I am free. I am not the only person at work not interested in belonging to this union. Many others have begun to speak out. Especially after this union "negotiated" another 5% pay cut for us. 

The fact that SEIU has joined with many groups to protest aid to Israel and is bent on reelecting Barack Hussein Obama are the big bones of contention that I have against the union.