Thursday, May 3, 2012

Union Dues for Democrat Political Machine Faces Supreme Court Challenge

Yesterday I sent an email to my manager at work requesting assistance in opting out of compulsory union dues. Sure, they can't force me to join the SEIU 1000 but they can take $30.00 per month from my meager paycheck which funds their $12 million political bankroll. For another $5.00 I can become a full fledged member of the anti-Israel, pro-Obama, bunch of sheeples and the bullies who pretend to care about the workers they 'represent.'  I didn't hear back from my manager so I went to her desk to ask. "Oh, she said, I forwarded your email to the union." "What?" I said, "How could you do that? I was looking for the protocol to opt out of mandatory dues! Now they are going to be after me!" She said she didn't support them either before she was in management but "we have to pay the piper."
Gosh, what's a working person to do? I came home and googled the subject to find that the United States Supreme Court is taking up that very issue. Check it out!

also:  Union “Dues for Dems” Facing Supreme Court Challenge
via The Ulsterman Report

"Though not receiving nearly as much attention as other impending Supreme Court rulings, there is now a case before the court  that may prove debilitating to the long-enjoyed election funds bounty given to the Democratic Party from its Big Labor supporters."

"The conflict began in Washington State where a of educators complained of a portion of their own salary via mandatory union dues going to help elect politicians and political causes they did not support. The amount, according to earlier reports, is about 25 percent of those union dues – a not inconsiderable amount when there are currently just over 70,000 unionized teachers in Washington State alone. For the entire nation the number is now over 2 million unionized educators. The case before the Supreme Court though would potentially impact all labor unions – not just teachers unions – the most recent being the politically powerful (and pro-Obama) SEIU, which has direct involvement in the current case before the Supreme Court.Consequently, those labor unions and the Democratic Party are now facing the prospect of losing a sizable portion of the millions upon millions of dollars they dump into state and elections across the nation."

"The final ruling could come down as early as spring of this year, meaning it may a pivotal role in the upcoming presidential elections. The questioning from the Supreme Court Justices so far appear to indicate a ruling that will favor the opt-out option those Washington State dissenting teachers and SEIU union members are seeking. If that is in fact the ruling, other union members across the country will soon follow."


  1. If need be, at least we have the 1st and 2nd Amendments to combat union thuggery!

  2. I have a great update to this story! My manager was correct in forwarding my email to the SEIU. Today she handed me the form to ..."cancel my SEIU local membership, reduce my Fair Share Fees by the pro rata portion of the fee that goes to the Political Action Fund that SEIU Local 1000 sets aside for candidates and initiative campaigns and/or any other partisan political activities, for this current fiscal year, and/or for all other activities not germane to collective bargaining! I am filing for the status of "Non-German Objector under Union Contract Article 3.1 - Union Security (Fair Share)and CA government code ...