Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fly On The Wall Returns! The Fly vs AFRICOM

Blown away in September '09 to see that AFRICOM was schmoozing the Libyans "as the two countries continue to build their military relationship," I have been continually watching and interested in finding out where AFRICOM would go with that insane liaison.

So what does AFRICOM's spokesperson have to say about the ongoing shocking events of the Libyan rebellion? Fast forward to February '11 and now Africom is spinning, trying to regain some credibility and stature after that dangerous liaison.

Today on twitter, Fly On The Wall tweeted to Vince Crawley, deputy public affairs officer for U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) regarding his agency still using the URL shortener that glorifies Libya. After Vince responded to my tweet, in fact with his own weak attempt to exalt as helpful to democracy in their role in recent events, I decided to see if anyone else on twitter had the guts to call Vince Crawley out.

I then discovered the following interesting conversation between Vince Crawley and Roger Pociask, "an African business consultant and expert on African affairs." I am still waiting for a response from Roger Pociask to my tweet about Jews and Israelis, their businesses, and products being banned in Libya and other countries.

Only time will tell what happens next. In the meantime, read the back and forth on twitter between two macho dudes with their own agendas quite transparently visible (posted tweets in descending order.) And don't forget to follow me on twitter! naomi litvin


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