Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fly On The Wall Returns! It's all about the rapture? part one

Oy vey. It was the old tingling spine again. The type of tingling that transforms me. My super power, which lately seems to be reading between the lines on Twitter, was rearing her ugly head again. I was morphing into the fly.

This time I was feeling like there was something rotten in Twitter Land with this tweeter @bibireport. He sports an avatar as (none other than) Bibi Netanyahu. I noticed some clues in @bibreport's tweets, especially one about Mike Evans, the Christian Zionist mega hustler.And after a short search, I found that the Bibi Report is Rapture Ready Radio Show and they are 'preparing for the rapture.'

 At this very moment the real Bibi Netanyahu is right smack in the face of the entire world as he readies himself to man up to President Obama with a commitment to stand up for Jonathan Pollard. The only thing that I can say on that is Baruch Hashem! And Kena Hora!

As I had quickly realized that @bibreport was not the real thing I also saw that @bibireport was tweeting links to Mike Evans. I realized there was more to this picture.                     

I see that @bibreport is cutcha-la-mucha with @actforisrael, a new wannabee  philanthropic group that is rushing toward their own fame, fortune, and philanthropic orgasm. This specific crowd retain "adviser and leader" thugs on twitter who attempt to threaten me on twitter with twerbal abuse which, by the way all stemmed from my nudging them on their stand regarding Pollard. Act For Israel advertises on The Bibi Report front page.

So when I had asked all of them, "What is your stand on freeing Jonathan Pollard?" a small cat fight ensued which has now left us returning to our corners.

Now that the news has been released that the real Netanyahu will advocate for Pollard with Obama; the fake Netanyahu suddenly tweets up a storm about freeing Jonathan Pollard. I suppose if he is a sock puppet for the fake Netanyahu, then he' better better get into character.

Check it out for yourselves if you don't believe me. It's all about the sock puppet @bibireport, Rapture Ready, and their party of Christian Zionists that now claim to have a majority in Israel. I don't know about them having a majority, but whatever they have up their sleeves looks like a big red flag to me.

Mike Evans, below, in his shameless use of Holocaust Survivors for the Christian Zionist agenda

I am still gathering the dirt on this story, as I also see those that previously have dissed Jonathan Pollard, now jumping into the support since Pollard's freedom is evidently going to happen at any moment.

As some of these thugs and questionable groups and their friends on twitter call me "a Jewish Avinunu," a "psycho,"  and a "liar." I promise that I will continue to expose them for who they are.

stay tuned for part two of "it's all about the rapture"

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  1. Re the Mike Evans video plea... Oh. My. God.

    I'm outside the loop - I know no details of this fight - but it took me less than 60 seconds to register complete and utter amazement at what this so-called man of god is doing. I had to stop watching, Naomi.

    Just sign me: