Monday, September 6, 2010

Palestinian Peace Partners with Nazi Roots - Questions With No Answers

I've been thinking a lot about the "peace talks" and the fact that Israel must sit down with our sworn enemies to make peace. How can we forget that the "peace partners" had roots in Nazi Germany?

What will Netanyahu do? What is the new partnerships we see between mainstream American Jewish organizations and New Israel Fund and J Street? How much actual influence do they have in Israeli policy? Is there anything that can lead us to survival and a peaceful co-existence  with all the treachery and danger that presents itself?

I don't have any answers, only questions.
What would Ben Hecht say if he were alive today?

"It is always a losing battle, this trying to outshout authority. Those who have been in one are left with the conviction that it is easier to waken the dead than the living. But what a hopeless world it would be without this record of lost battles.”  -- Ben Hecht

He seems to be saying that if lost battles are not fought, the world will be forever hopeless.

I often pick up the book, Perfidy, open it up randomly to read a passage, as this is the book that changed my perspective last year. 

...It is the Jew who was first to lose some of his laughter, not because he must sorrow over his slain people. But because he looks into the face of the killers and of their collaborators, and sees in their hundreds of million faces the diminished soil of the species of man..."

In Perfidy I saw, in writing, how my family in Hungary was double-crossed by fellow Jews and let down by politicians in Israel during the Holocaust.

Ben Hecht has led me to Francisco Gil-White. Professor Francisco Gil-White, wrote a great article on Perfiy. That is how I first discovered Gil-White's website, Historical and Investigative Research. He also followed up and refuted a book written by Anna Porter in defense of Rudolph Kaster.

via Arutz Sheva, Israel National News 5/26/03
"Until last spring, I held what people call a pro-Palestinian position.

Like many intellectuals, I had adopted Arafat's cause, taking what I believed was a principled stand that blamed Israel for the conflict in the Middle East, and especially for the suffering of Palestinians. Because I come from a Catholic background, and because there is a long and violent history of Catholic anti-Semitism (though not in my family), I always made clear that I supported the right of the State of Israel to exist, and that my position had nothing to do with animosity against Jews.
In April 2002, I noticed that media coverage of the fighting in Jenin was manifestly one-sided (against Israel). I began to look into this and also into the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This work made me realize that my sympathy for Mr. Arafat was based on false information."

As a result of Francisco Gil-White's discovery of important research done by Jared Israel and other journalists at Emperor's Clothes,  Gil-White  published a documentation of PLO origins, showing that this organization traced its roots to the German Nazi Final Solution  which explained why it was chartered to exterminate the Israeli Jews.

Professor Francisco Gil-White was fired for defending the Nation of Israel.

“A man stood up in Israel.”


  1. Thank you once again for such an insightful article. I witnessed some of the changes in you while you read Perfidy. We discussed Ben Hecht before. This is a poignant time in the life of our people filled will reflection and hope. On the eve of these talks you ask why “Israel must sit down with our sworn enemies to make peace. “ I choke on that question everyday of my life. I am not a “Jew” who thinks I should do something just because the majority opinion says it would be the “Right” thing to do and you introduced me to Professor Gil-White who shows that there are non-Jews are seeing the light and his article shows research and unbiased change of opinion and thank g-d he isn't a Jew or the rest of the world wouldn't believe him. People wake up, Arafat, Abbas. Fatah, PLO they are all the same and at some point they learned to lie to the court of public opinion, but to the Jews they do not lie they want to exterminate us, push us off into the sea. To them every Jew everywhere is the enemy and we cannot stand by idly and wait for them to come for us.
    I wish I could write like you, people might read my words but I can't make my message palatable to them. I see Palestinians as non existent read the Bible, make sure it is the Old Testament I have never read any other. We are not on their land the people of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria who listened to their leaders in '48 and again in '67 and left their homes “for a short while” while the Jews were to be annihilated became refugees and were never allowed to return home. To those people who are suffering I say you are suffering at the hands of your own governments Stop Blaming Us!
    Again thank you, please continue to inspire “Old Timers” like me, you are a great friend to Israel and to me.


  2. Thank you Paul! I am moved by your comments & don't want to say much, as I don't want to dilute your words. I needed this today, to hear that someone is reading my blog. You are a friend, appreciate your existence.

  3. What can an ordinary person really do but ask questions?

    My son recently told me "Dad, I agree 100% with what you believe except I'm tired of talking about it, it's unproductive."

    In a way he's right. But what all of this "unproductive," and thank G-d constitutionally protected, talk has actually produced is something quite amazing. We may not be able to change the minds of our enemies or wake the dead, but we have successfully aligned ourselves with all of our allies.

    Like you and hundreds of thousands of other people, I have lists of allies, and believe me we're going to need them.