Conversations With Naomi: Hindu Internet Defence Force

India has the third largest number of Muslims in the world. That makes it a natural for some to rise up in India against a domination that can only mean trouble for the Hindus. An alliance on Twitter between Hindus and Jewish conservatives is a natural association, both expected and appreciated.  A combination of a rich Jewish history in India, the recent slaughter at the Mumbai Chabad House in November 2008, and the promising India-Israel friendship and joint technological efforts make for some especially interesting discourse. 

An article by discusses The “Zionist Hindu Crusader” Alliance Marches On:
"The deepening relations between the United States, India, and Israel are changing the geopolitical geometry of the modern world in ways that will make the lives of fanatical terrorists even more dismal and depressing (not to mention shorter) than they already are.  Israel and the United States are both in a better long term position than many Americans sometimes think; one of the main reasons is an Indian-Israeli connection that most Americans know nothing about.
Americans often underestimate Israel: we underestimate Israel’s ability to conduct a foreign policy independent of US support and we underestimate Israel’s long term prospects for success in its region.  Indeed, Americans often talk about Israel as if we were the Jewish state’s only real friend — and that Israel is completely dependent on American goodwill.That’s not true historically and it’s not true today..."

Naomi: And Speaking of Hindu crusaders against Jihad it is my supreme pleasure to welcome HinduIDF. I have noticed that you have a twitter list of Muslim liars. Can you elaborate?

HinduIDF: I had heard in India the words taqyia kalam (which means to lie in your writings, etc.) This word I have heard in India many a times and it is in my memory and I never understood it. After reading Quran / Islamic Philosophy, I then understood that lying is an integral part of Islamic Culture.

In India, Muslim invaders and British empire are hated for being liars and this intrinsic hatred for lying is part of Hinduism or Hindu culture as Satmyava Jayata, or the truth always triumphs, which is a common spoken proverb. That is in the seal of the government of India. Also in India we have the concept that truth is G-d. have seen people who have spoken truth all their lives and have lived a very simple and honest life and this has been based on the Hindu traditions.

Muslim invaders always lied during the attacks and never kept the word. Hindu kings considered it to be a matter of honor to keep their word. In ancient times your word was literally everything.

Many Muslims I have met during my conversations on twitter have lied to me about Islam and what Islam taught and this matches what Islam teaches, i.e. to lie. The “Islam" that I got from my readings of the original texts does not match what Muslims were telling me. Thus this list is to know that particular guys have lied to me.

Now I know that by my interaction with Muslims and reading of Quran and Islamic literature that lying is inherent in Islam. This also confirms why Hindus always said that Muslims lied.

This hatred for lying can be seen in common man in India. Everywhere in India people say that Muslims and British lied.

Then in India we have a saying that “Nosso chooha kaha kai billi haj to challi;" it means that a cat after eating 900 rats goes to Haj . This is a very common proverb used in India and well, now I know that common Hindus did understand Muslims and Islamic culture to some extent.

Naomi: I have read that Hinduism does not condone helplessness in the face of injustice and wickedness. Do you think the enemies of peace use this to contradict the Hindu principles of non-violence and absence of malice in any way?

HinduIDF: Yes, the enemies of Hinduism use this to defame and also to confuse Hindus about Hinduism and how to react to the attacks both on the nation and personally. In situations in which you should respond with violence people are reminded about Gandhi and say that you should not react violently. It does create conflict in the mind as to how you should respond to threats and physical intimidation. This question in fact has made India to some extent weak and also unable to fight back.

The Propaganda machine of Socialist, Islamists and the Evangelist Church has made sure that Hindus don’t get to study their religious books in school and no emphasis is placed on the education of any kind in religious matters or ancient sciences. Thus the majority of the population is illiterate in the matters of what the scriptures say. The majority of the population is well versed with the devotional aspect of Hinduism and the saints and such have been taken care of but the political aspect of it is missing.

In Ramayana and Mahabharata both the texts are very clear about how to react to different conditions as per the actions of the heroes of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The Acts of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are taken to be the standard for the actions for the people of all ages. Histories of the two incarnation of Vishnu are considered as the perfect example to follow in human life time. Lord Ram had to fight many a times to give peace to the people of his country and bring back his wife form the Demon King. Ram Rajya or the Rule of the Lord Ram is still considered to be the perfect rule. Any Prime Minister or Chief Minister that tries to follow Lord Ram's way of ruling is considered to be great.

So what does Lord Ram rule symbolize? It means that poor are taken care of. Bad people are punished and saints and religious institution of the country are supported by the government. The King lives a simple and morally correct life. The King builds the dams, places for the rest for travelers, wells, etc.

Ram life is a simple and straight forward life who simple people can easily relate to. Lord Krishna life is complicated life with a lot of factors affecting him and his life shows how to combine and unite all the varying factors and still lead a fulfilling life, simultaneously fulfilling all your duties. His life is a perfect example to follow for a modern day executive.

The best place to understand this is by reading Gita. Lord Krishna explains how to manage the contradictory challenges a person faces is the best way to understand how to deal with this ethical dilemma. War is justified only when it is meant to fight evil and injustice, not for the purpose of aggression or terrorizing people. According to Vedic injunctions, aggressors and terrorists are at once to be killed and no sin is incurred by such annihilation.

Naomi: What is your opinion on the future of India and Israel as allies?

HinduIDF: Israel and India have a good future provided in India we have a right wing government or a Hindu nationalist government. The present government of India is supporting Israel as India needs weapons, etc. from Israel. Every Indian government has known that having relations with Israel will be good for India. But India has  been ruled by Congress government and is heavily dependent on the Muslim vote bank of India.

Muslims of India have been politically active and they support this Congress that have given them lot of say in foreign policy of India. The relationship of Israel started growing when the Congress party of India started to become weak.

The common Perception in Israel or western media is that India and Israel started coming closer due to terrorism. This perception is based on false premise. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS ) had supported Israel at the formation of Israel itself. Congress party did not agree with it.

After Indian Affirmative action was implemented in India and the next Congress government came to power under P.V. Narasimha Rao in 1991 and by this time Rajiv Gandhi was killed. India established full diplomatic relationship with Israel during the prime minster ship of P.V. Narasimha Rao. This is a very Important turning point of Indo –Israel relationship.

Indian Affirmative action destroyed the grip of Congress Party on power and Congress Party has been from then on trying to come to power in India with majority. The affirmative action meant that the majority of Hindus have a say in power. This 60% to 70% of Hindu population was effectively kept out of power by Congress Party of India combining other vote banks like minorities (Muslims/Christians, etc.)

This was the first time in Indian politics that Congress was not controlled by a Nehru Family. An Indian who was not from Nehru Family was in control of Congress Party of India. P.V. Narasimha Rao had held a lot of important positions in the government of India and thus knew where Indian or Hindu interest laid.

People of Israel and Israel should know that the Nehru Family is against Israel and by chance if Nehru Family gets more power then the Indo Israel relationship will nose dive.

Congress does not have the support of the majority Hindu population and has been able to win the elections by good selection of candidates during the elections and effectively manipulating the media

For the future, as congress gets sure of its power then the future of India- Israel relationship looks bleak. Congress is dependent on Muslim votes and India Muslims are quite effective in lodging their protest about India and Israel relationship.

With Israel and India relationship we need to keep in mind how the relationship progressed during the BJP government from 1998 to 2004.

The future of India and Israel relationship rests with the 70% of Hindu population which does not have a say in power of India. As this 70% population gets assertive the India and Israel relationship will get closer. Israel needs to help Hindus in that so that India and Israel can defend themselves and also in turn defend the world against this Islamic aggression.

India needs help in the areas where Israel can help the Hindu organization to effectively work to bring about a Hindu nationalist government in India.

Check this link and see the perception that India and Israel relationship developed due to terrorism problems only.

Naomi: What is the greatest threat to your country?

: India faces threats from four areas.

1) Maoist or Communist ideology and China

2) Islamic dream of converting India into an Islamic state

3) Evangelist Church with its agenda of converting India into a secular state but de facto run by Church

4) Congress party of India

Due to the support of Tibet and presence of Dalai Lama in India, China Is not happy with India and Indian government. China is trying to control India as India is seen as a proxy of western governments. Maoists are the communists who want to overthrow the Indian government and they do have grievances which have not been taken care of by the elected government of India. If the government of India does not take those issues into account then the Maoist menace can grow in India.

Islamic Nations with the help of Saudi Arabia are building the mosques which are teaching radical ideology in the India and also Islamic groups in Pakistan and Bangladesh are working in tandem with Saudi and other Islamic groups. These Groups are working to destabilize and also radicalize the Indian Muslim population and this seems to be quite effective till now.

Pakistan has been following a policy of thousand cuts after losing the wars with India. Pakistan realized that the Pakistan army or Islamic army cannot defeat the India army so they have adopted the covert operations against India.

Evangelist Church's aim is to convert all the pagans of India to Christianity and they are working to convert as many as possible .The main effort of Evangelist Church is in propaganda. The Church is working to destroy the native culture or secularization of Hinduism so the church agenda can go forward.

All these efforts lead to weakening of the basic thread which unites India-Hinduism. In India we have so many languages and customs change every 100 miles but one thing every Hindu agrees on is the infallibility of Vedas/Ramayana/Mahabharata.

The strength of Church in Kerala has been seen that even with the largest Christians’ community in India they could not help the Christian professor whose hand was chopped off.

Congress party is dependent on the minority votes and thus in fact dances to the tune of all the minorities and does anything possible to appease them.

This shows that if the common thread which unites India is weakened more India could be reduced to Balkans and Islam would win in India. That is a dooms day prediction but it does lead to weakening of India.

Naomi: Thank you HinduIDF for this fantastic glimpse into your world which we need to know. I am looking forward to publishing Part 2 of this series. Follow HinduIdf on twitter!