Conversations With Naomi: Hindu Internet Defence Force

India has the third largest number of Muslims in the world. That makes it a natural for some to rise up in India against a domination that can only mean trouble for the Hindus. An alliance on Twitter between Hindus and Jewish conservatives is a natural association, both expected and appreciated.  A combination of a rich Jewish history in India, the recent slaughter at the Mumbai Chabad House in November 2008, and the promising India-Israel friendship and joint technological efforts make for some especially interesting discourse. 

Gadaffi the Gadfly Travels to Italy again ...

Libya's long time leader Gadaffi recently traveled to Italy. This is his fourth time this year visiting Rome. The Libyan Foreign Investment Company is building up a humongous portfolio in Libya and also abroad while some try to play down suspicions on Arab money.  This time the Libyan troublemaker ruffled the feathers of Pro-Vatican politicians. And how, pray-tell did Gadaffi do that? Well, he tried his own brand of proselytizing.