Conversation With Veteran Ken Jones on military suicides leads to discovery: plot to use 'veterans' magazine for viral online anti-Israel/Jewish hatred

The other night I watched NBC Nightly News and was terribly shocked by Brian Williams' story about military suicides. I thought about my Twitter friend Ken Jones, known as @akvet who is a fellow author. He has free ebooks for our troops and veterans. His Twitter bio says: Life After Combat and When Our Troops Come Home. He boldly and honestly speaks of his own experiences and trauma and is a dedicated warrior in the fight to help our veterans transition to civilian life.  I couldn't stop thinking about the military suicides and therefore sent Ken a tweet asking him about the situation. Here is part of our conversation...

Naomi: I wanted to ask you about the news of suicide rates of GIs and what is being done about it? Ken:  Hi Naomi. What's being done about suicides among our troops? There's the macro-level, "We share your concern" stuff. My experience is that it's the troops taking care of each other that is keeping the losses down to the current levels. Am I giving you the kind of info you are asking about? Naomi: "Keeping the losses down..." Oh, no! such a terrible, tragic level of GI suicides! Yes, your input is very important. Ken: You're right Naomi, the suicides now are tragic. Without community interventions the rates are going to go much higher. Naomi: Why are we not hearing about this after each death? Why are they just giving a 'news bite' here and there? Ken: Individual suicides are newsworthy, right? If it bleeds it leads. Naomi: But I don't see them. Do you? I don't see the reporting of individual GI suicides in the local or world news. Ken: Probably not. Suicides are local events. The composite numbers will make the news from time to time. June was bad.
Naomi: Are the suicides happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as when they return to USA? Ken: Yes, the suicides occur both on deployment and back here in the world.The suicides are intertwined with PTSD, alcohol and substance abuse, the need for adrenalin rushes, lots of stuff. If you really want to see the toll suicides are taking among our troops, set a up a Google Alert for "military suicides." Naomi: During the month of January 2010 more soldiers committed suicide (24) than were killed by enemy fire. I don't know what the answers are or what to do about the military suicides but I will start reporting them daily.
Ken: Yes, the infinite emptiness of beyond looks compelling when suicide becomes an option.
Of course, I immediately went to Google and set up a daily alert for "military suicides." Not long afterward, I received my first daily alert. This is where the story completely diverts into a twisted and horrible scenario. Google sent me to Veteran's Today. I discovered a plot so diabolical that it sickened me. That plot is using a title for an online magazine  that infers that the magazine either represents veterans today and/or has something to offer them. The only thing I saw for veterans was one link to the VA. As I was perusing their site, my eyes landed on smarmy articles blasting Israel, calling Zionism racism, blasphemy against Jonathan Pollard and Rabbi Meir Kahane. The outright hatred from four different bloggers: Gordon Duff, Eric Watree, Jeff Gates, and Michael Leon is shocking. Jeff Gates has a post about Zionist dominance in the Obama administration saying, "His political career is a product of a Westside Chicago Ashkenazi network with roots that trace directly back to organized crime of the 1920s." (I purposely do not provide the links back to these cowards as I do not want to promote them.) The idea that they would use our veterans as a front for anti-Israel rhetoric and blatant hatred against the Jewish people is simply disgusting. Of course, I consulted with David Appletree of the Jewish Internet Defense Force  to confirm my findings that the Veterans Today Magazine is anti-Israel. David is the go-to guy for all questions and answers regarding online matters regarding antisemitism and such. After the recent shocking news from JIDF of anti-jihad blogsites of Geller, Horowitz, and Spencer supporting Pat Condell, the Jew hater, once again, I have  consulted with the JIDF for vetting and fact checking on important matters. Please use the comment feature below to give me some ideas on where I should go next with this story, and if you'd like to get involved! To go back to the original theme of this post, which highlights the plight of our dear soldiers, I am posting this video.