Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Middle Eastern Misogyny On Twitter?

I like to be a fly on the wall on Twitter. I see things. I save things. I report things. And sometimes, yes, I can't help myself; I can be a smart aleck. Especially fun for me is to follow the Jihad Chicks and their Islamic Idols.

Last night I noticed that an Islamic dude named @TI3GIB, or Mohammed Busaidi, on his Twitter profile states, "I put the fun in fundamentalist Islam..."

Busaidi sent Jillian York a tweet with a link to "a good read," which I say is actually a shocking testimonial by King Hussein of Jordan's grandfather.

@TI3GIB (to) @jilliancyork "Probably because you're the most invested subscriber to 'the cause'. You can decide what has value & what doesn't. Felt this did. /cGL3f "

In ''As the Arabs see the Jews" by His Majesty King Abdullah, from the The American Magazine, November, 1947 King Abdullah blathers on with, "for nearly 2,000 years Palestine has been almost 100 per cent Arab," in his attempt to make a case for an Arabic Israel.

I'm having a little online war with the American female that I teasingly call Jihad Jillian. And she warned me today to "be careful." She also pointed out that I got my Arabs mixed up. I had Mohammed Busaidi confused with another Islamic 'boss' named @hamoudiassaf, or Hamoudi Al-Assaf, a Syrian 'businessman' who I also noticed last night saying stuff like:

@EDLDoverFerry "I am not an Islamist you dork. I do not believe in Religious movements. This is about wiping Israel from the face of the planet."
Well, excuse me for getting those Islamic misogynists mixed up. They are all starting to sound alike with their inbred Islamic misogynistic behavior. Mohammed Busaidi, in an unsolicited tweet to me, told me that I am boring, and threatened to hit me in the eye.

"Listen lady. I'll knob you in the eye if you don't stop boring everyone. No one will be friends with you if you go on like this." - Mohammed Busaidi
Is this a joke or is it another example of Islamic men belittling the female voice? Maybe they 'knob' their women in the eye for being boring in Oman, but violence against women is illegal in most countries. Oh, I guess not in the 'Islamo-World.

I have previous blogs where I addressed similar issues on what I have seen on Twitter.

Next thing I know, I suddenly see that York warned me today on Twitter to "be careful."
"More slander, Naomi? Be careful." - Jillian York
Unimpressed I tweeted back:
"As Twitter is a public forum, ya tweet allegiance to Hamas/Hezbollah, how can it be slander for me to RT (retweet) it? get a clue, silly peeps." - Naomi Litvin
I am not saying that York is a physical threat. What I am saying is that in her pseudo-intellectual stupor, she is an ideological threat to other naive American women, by holding herself up as a university bred role model with her anti-Israel rhetoric. I am pointing out that many educated feminists are tied up in knots by multiculturalism and find it very hard to pass judgment on non-Western cultures. If York is so entranced with Middle Eastern culture, why doesn't she concentrate on helping oppressed Muslim women, instead of helping to further the causes of Muslim men?

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  1. The stupidity of "educated" antisemites doesn't know many limits, does it? Daniel Zeichner, the unsuccessful Labour candidate in our General Election, had to fight off the attentions of antisemites - and he's not even Jewish! (He spoilt his copybook disgustingly by performing a Hitler salute during a debate at the Cambridge Union which, thankfully, may have cost him the election.)

    We had a "Stop The War Coalition" hustings, which couldn't have been clearer in its intent had the Protocols of the Elders of Zion been read out. If you're interested, the minutes are here: