Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mezuzah as Metaphor

I sit here next to Mom’s bed in the hospital. She is quieter today, sleeping more. Today is more peaceful than yesterday. Yesterday was a fitful, terrible day. The nurses and various medical personnel are buzzing around. Today, she sleeps through the chatter and chaos.

There are some books scattered around in this small, but private room. And I’m watching Nurse Jackie on my brother’s laptop. It’s a good show but the humor falls short with me, considering these circumstances.

And then suddenly I noticed that my brother Joe left his prayer book, the Siddur. I pick it up and look for something inspirational, something to get me through this day. I see the “Blessing For Fragrances.” That won’t work, as the hospital’s fragrances are not what the Blessing seems to be intended for.

Then I see “Blessing over Mezuzah.” Now we’re talking! The lightening bolt strikes! We need a mezuzah for the doorpost of this room. Evil spirits, bad boogie looming. I’ve heard of mezuzah’s for cars, why not a hospital room?

So I called Joe to find a kosher mezuzah. He says “No, we can’t hang a mezuzah on a temporary dwelling.” Curses, foiled again.

But this got me thinking about mezuzahs. A mezuzah is a talisman that protects a Jewish household from evil and is compulsory in Jewish households. No Jewish home is complete without mezuzahs, on every door post, except for the bathroom. The scroll inside must be kosher. It contains a hand written scroll in Hebrew.

Now my mind segways. Israel needs a giant mezuzah to protect itself and all the Jews in the world from the ravages of anti-Semitism and the satanic curse to drive her into the sea.

I realize that Israel is our mezuzah! Just as we place our faith in the household mezuzahs, we must place our faith and our allegiance to the state of Israel , to know how to protect us during this dangerous and fateful time period, where the destruction of the Jewish people lurks like a salivating wolf.

Yes, Israel IS our mezuzah. A metaphor of hope for protection. If only we, the Jewish people can rally behind her, and let her do her job.


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  2. This is a great post and I like your story Naomi about mezuzah.You are right mezuzah can protect us from evil or anything bad things that will happen to us.

  3. Thank you! This is just what I needed to read & think about now.