Friday, May 28, 2010

Islamic Jihadist boss dictates marching orders to naive American women on Twitter

It has come to my attention that certain American women, who consider themselves 'intellectuals,' are taking their marching orders on Twitter, from an idolized Islamic jihadist boss. I am working on proving that they are actually more organized than they appear. I am dogging them, and will continue to report updates here and on my twitter.

Ali Abunimah, known on Twitter as @avinunu, is a dangerous pro-Libyan American Palestinian who sometimes cloaks his Jew-Hatred in double-speak and goes around lecturing about the evils of Israel. He also likens Jews to Nazis with his hateful and dishonest anti-Israel propaganda. His tweets are deftly violent. At the very least, his hatred is palpable.

In the meantime, I am pleased to report that I see his American female disciples are running scared, deleting blogs and tweets; and even redoing conference tweets with quotation marks, after my criticism that they are American 'role models' that support Hezbolah and Hamas.

Their attempts to restructure their voices is laughable, as their loving devotion to Ali Abunimah is so obsequious and transparent, even a novice reader on twitter can see it. Here is one example:
@jilliancyork "I love when someone emails me to ask about a one-state solution. I always direct them to @avinunu's book."

That one seems to have a hypnotic devotion to all things Middle-Eastern Arabic, including media sources.Today, May 26, 2010, she scorns 'white reporters' here: 

@jilliancyork"...And why is everyone on CNN white? We're not *really* the majority, yet so overrepresented." 
 And then she remarks about Al Jazeera:  
@jilliancyork ..."@AJEnglish is my main source. American MSM=painfully idiotic."
Another one of them, @dissidentmuse who has a cushy teaching position in an American University in a theater department, with power over young minds, has arrogantly assumed that her pseudonym will protect her from exposure. She has redone her blog site and blocked me from 'seeing' her. With everything online being public, and google's cache readily available, that is actually hilarious.

Check out a few of her slanted tweets.
 Today, May 26, 2010, @dissidentmuse touts Hezbollah news:
"Hezbollah chief vows to destroy Israel's navy in event of any attack on Lebanon or siege of its coast." 
A few days ago, she had this to say, defending the building of a gigantic mosque near the 911 site in New York City:
@dissidentmuse ..."Not all Muslims are radicals, so to deny them the right to worship where and how they please is a violation of civil rights."

All of this is from my own perspective and I do not represent anyone else's opinion.
Also, please check out the true story of my family's Holocaust and World War II journey, which illustrates where my viewpoint originates. You can search inside my book on Amazon.

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